Wednesday Link-Off: Powerslam

This is definitely an eclectic collection of links we have today. There’s a bit of news, technology, pop culture, video games and even some hockey links that aren’t about lockout negotiations. Ha! “Negotiations.” There’s no hope to save the season the way they’re going. Anyway, here’s Maria Menounos.

David Simon, former journalist and the man behind many TV shows you might love like The Wire, Homicide: Life on the Streets and Treme, says the media’s handling of the Petraeus scandal shows it’s lost its way. (The Audacity of Dispair)

Papa John and other restaurant big wigs are going to pass the costs of Obamacare on to you because they say the cost of providing basic health insurance to their workers is going to break them financially. It’s just too bad they’re full of shit. (Slate)

The US Senate is looking at a bill to remove almost all of your internet privacy. A bill being introduced will allow a whole host of federal agencies warrantless access to your electronic correspondence. (CNET News) Hopefully this gets the attention from the internet that SOPA and PIPA did because this bill is a big deal.

After the jump, don’t troll Anderson Cooper, how people are coping without the NHL and Psy is 2 legit 2 quit.

Don’t try trolling Anderson Cooper. He gives right back to you a hell of a lot better than trolls can take. (Uproxx)

I can’t remember if I mentioned it a while ago but NASA scientists found a way to power a warp drive with a reasonable-sized power source. The only problem with their plan is that University of Sydney researchers think that the warp drive might annihilate planets when you arrive. (Extreme Tech) Who needs a Death Star when you have a warp drive.

Georges St. Pierre had a successful, if bloody, comeback at UFC 154. It looks like the next step is a super fight against Anderson Silva. (With Leather)

Canadian writers are running out of material for editorials. A writer for SLAM Sports slammed Paulina Gretzky effectively saying she adds less to society than Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton. That writer’s trolling right? (The Big Lead)

Without hockey, what are Canadians spending their disposable income on? Sex toys. (Toronto Sun)

Nashville Predators fans and staff are doing a little more with their free time. They flashmobbed a youth hockey game to give them a taste of a professional atmosphere. (Deadspin) A lot of Canadians rag on the southern US markets for not caring about hockey fans but Nashville might have the best fans of those markets.

It’s time to invoke the one rule this blog has. Here’s a Q&A with Bill Murray. (Deadline)

Bond villains often seem to have completely outlandish plans for world domination but some would work surprisingly well. (Vulture)

Have you ever searched “huge idiot” on Twitter? The results are surprisingly accurate. (BuzzFeed)

The creator of Last Caller, the cancelled Dane Cook sitcom that didn’t even make it to air, explains why working in TV can be an awful thing. (Warming Glow)

The Wii U was officially released on Sunday. The hardware specifications and graphics might not impress compared to the PS3 and 360 but that Gamepad is making gaming bloggers take notice of it as more than a novelty. (Forbes)

Chris Roberts, the man behind the legendary game Wing Commander, set a video game crowdsource fundraising record by raising $6.2 million for his planned next game Star Citizen. (Joystiq)

I’m not a fan of the hundreds of made up music awards shows on TV these days but the AMAs may have won the year. They had Psy and MC Hammer on stage at the same time. So much win.

What happens when you let a long drive champion loose on a golf simulator? Chaos and destruction.

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