Entertainment Link-Off: Cross the Line

If you’re looking forward to seeing a new movie this weekend, you might want to skip the line and watch something older. This weekend’s two big releases, Alex Cross and Paranormal Activity 4, have a combined Tomatometer score of 41%. That’s adding them gets them to 41% for an average score of 20.5%. Rather than promote those train wrecks, here’s Alison Brie who is in Community which is our favourite sitcome at Lowdown HQ.

After the jump, some Bond, James Bond movie info, the latest on Transformers 4, and some news about the delayed premiere of season four of Community.

You should be glad that the original plan for Jurassic Park 4 never saw the light of day because they were going down the B-horror movie route. Not convinced? See the concept art for yourself. (Cinema Blend)

Fun little infographic for the Bond fanatics out there. Curious to see how the stats between the different James Bonds over the years in terms of the number of women they slept with, number of people they killed and the number of martini’s consumed? Have a look here and see how Daniel Craig is getting the least amount of action compared to everyone else… (The Economist)

So Steven Spielberg has always wanted to do a Bond movie, so why hasn’t he been able to make one? (Film School Rejects)

The fake movie studio that the CIA made up in ‘Argo’ attracted some interesting scripts from aspiring filmmakers back in the day. In fact, a famous director tried his luck with this faux studio before making it big. (Indie Wire)

News on the upcoming Transformers 4 including who the main characters will likely be. Well… the human characters that is. (Slashfilm)

Well the first look at Jack Reacher failed to impress, but at least the second look seems a bit better. (Yahoo)

Jonathan Nolan talks about the ending to The Dark Knight Rises. As expected, spoilers beware. (IGN)

Could it be? Stephen Colbert is going to make a cameo appearance in The Hobbit? (Empire)

Hugo Weaving found his voiceover work in Transformers to be meaningless. In true Michael Bay fashion, the director fires back at the actor. I guess we won’t see them work together anytime soon. (Collider)

Check out the highest paid actor in TV and you will lose hope in humanity. (Forbes)

Agent Coulson will return in Joss Whedon’s SHIELD spinoff. How? Not entirely sure. (Entertainment Weekly)

The premiere of Community was supposed to be yesterday. However, October 19th came and went without Community. So Troy and Abed took to Troy And Abed In The Morning to explain when they’re premiering.

NBC keeps giving Community the cold shoulder, so it will be a while before we see the show premiere. At least you can catch this brief preview for the time being.

Freddie Wong is at it again. Here’s the greatest R/C car chase ever.

Ok so this is not entertainment related… or it can be… depends on your perspective really. Anyway, with the NHL lockout, hockey players are now seeking employment elsewhere, so check out PK Subban’s video resume here.

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