Wednesday Link-Off: Debate This

I know there was a presidential debate last night but the thorough analysis wasn’t out in time to make this post. I’m not staying up until the early hours of Eastern time to add the one or two links that isn’t just biased spin. If I wanted that, I’d watch Fox News. They’re so “fair and balanced” that they almost weren’t allowed the broadcast in Canada as a news channel. Anyway, we still have some news and politics links. But first, here’s Canadian actress Emmanuelle Chriqui.

Good news if you plan to rely on Medicare at some point during the next 20 years: Both candidates for President will spend about the same on it. Bad news if you plan to rely on Medicaid at some point over the next 20 years: The Romney/Ryan plan will pretty much bankrupt it. (Mother Jones)

Mitt Romney tries to come off as the business man who knows how to turn around the economy. There’s one problem. He’s never actually built a proper business from scratch, just bought, sold and stripped for parts. (Washington Post)

If you’re cynical about the whole political process, you might not be entirely in the wrong. Things might not change after this election and Congress would still accomplish nothing. (BuzzFeed)

After the jump, who is better at creating jobs, the NHL’s failed PR attempt and a Ghostbusters mashup.

Have you visited If not, you should. (Romney Tax Plan)

If you think that Mitt Romney’s tax plan doesn’t add up, don’t worry. His jobs plan doesn’t add up either. (WonkBlog – Washington Post)

More Republican CEOs are threatening to cut jobs if President Obama is re-elected. Can any American lawyers reading this tell me if this is blackmail or just in poor taste? (Think Progress / In These Times)

The problem these guys have is that their political loyalties prevent them from seeing the facts. Did you know that job growth is better under Democratic administrations. (Keystone Research Center)

By the way, has Obama gone around apologizing for America? No, that’s just Republican talking point bullshit. (FactCheck)

The Globe And Mail is going to introduce a paywall limiting non-subscribers to only 10 articles per month online. Well, I don’t link to them much anyway so no loss… Apart from Mirtle columns. (Globe And Mail)

The NHL tabled a very fair CBA offer yesterday. Maybe it’s because Deadspin found their secret PR focus group tactics to help them win the fans over. (Deadspin)

Which NBA player is on the cover of November’s GQ Magazine? It might surprise you that it’s Jeremy Lin. (GQ)

Hulk Hogan isn’t happy that part of his sex tape has landed on Gawker. So he’s suing former best friend Bubba the Love Sponge, Bubba’s ex-wife & sex tape co-star Heather Clem and Gawker Media over leaking the tape. (With Leather)

During game one of the ALCS, A-Rod decided that he’d much rather spend his time on the bench by flirting with some blonds near the dugout. (New York Post)

It’s Bill Murray story time! Cuz calls Mitch Glazer every time his wife, Kelly Lynch, has sex with Patrick Swayze when Animal House comes on TV. (Grantland)

We’re only days away from the return of Iron Chef to Japanese TV. Here’s a look at the new chairman. (Kotaku)

Forbes Games looks at 13 games that were improved with mods. (Part 1, Part 2)

If you missed the Red Bull Stratos jump, here it is recreated in Lego.

If it’s Halloween, that must mean it’s time for a Ghostbusters mashup. This one mashes up the Ghostbusters theme with Gangnam Style.

I’ve never watched Dexter but I’d be more inclined to watch if it was more like Dexter’s Lab.

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