Sunday Link-Off: Changes

I really don’t have anything witty to start off today’s linkdump with. Maybe I should get some more sleep. Screw it. Sleep is for the week! Anyway, here’s Gio Ott in her first appearance on the blog.

You’d think that two years of unemployment would make people reexamine themselves but it’s not always the case. Jay Mariotti is still Jay Mariotti and that means he likely won’t be finding steady employment any time soon. (Deadspin)

GoDaddy is going to completely overhaul its marketing strategy. That means they’ll be dropping the “racy” commercials and de-emphasizing the GoDaddy girls. (The Daly Planet)

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is this weekend. There are a few interesting storylines. There’s the hybrid battle between Audi and Toyota. There’s also the futuristic looking Delta Wing which is trying to achieve the same speed as the Prototype 2 category with half the power, half the weight and half the drag using half the fuel. How difficult would it be to build one of those cars? Top Gear Magazine tried making their own. (Jalopnik)

After the jump, insane Japanese wrestling, the forces behind Star Wars 1313 and some late night hilarity.

The NBA Finals are still ongoing. I’d tell you how it’s going but it’s basketball so I’ve likely fallen asleep while watching the highlights. Anyway, here are the NBA Finals stars as professional wrestlers. (The Big Lead)

Speaking of pro wrestling, have you seen Japanese pro wrestling? It’s completely insane compared to what the WWE offers. Here are six things that Japanese wrestling does that’s ridiculous when compared to North American wrestling. (Cracked)

Erin Andrews’ contract with ESPN is up at the end of the month. Unlike Michelle Beadle and Scott Van Pelt, no one apart from ESPN is interested in hiring Erin. (Deadspin)

An autistic writer wrote a terrific blog piece about how Abed from Community is the best representation of an autistic character on TV. (Warming Glow)

Charlie Sheen talks about winning, Two and a Half Men, Anger Management and more. He seems really embarrassed about Two and a Half Men. (NYT Arts Beat)

Dallas returned to TV this year with a quasi-continuation of the original series. Apart from the name, not much has stayed the same in the reboot. (New York Times)

The producer behind the planned Uncharted movies says he had a choice between Halo and Uncharted. He picked the one with a main character who was a character. (IFC)

Despite massive cutbacks after the failure of The Force Unleashed II, LucasArts is working on Star Wars 1313. To make it, folks from ILM, Skywalker Sound and LucasFilm Animation are chipping in. (Kotaku)

The Lingerie Football League may be on hiatus be that doesn’t mean they aren’t getting a video game. (Off The Bench) I wonder if we’ll get an evaluation copy since we plugged its development…

Have you ever wanted to play some older games but can’t find copies or you old console doesn’t work any more? What you need is an emulator. (Calm Down Tom)

Let’s give you some cool clips from late night TV. First, it’s two-time defending Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel dropping an F-bomb on Letterman.

Jack McBrayer took part of Conan’s week in Chicago. He did a skit where he visited the most vulgar restaurant in the world. Fortunately, he had backup.

What would Super Mario Bros. be like if it was remade like the games of today? Something like this. Bonus points for the eerie lack of music. I half expected an orchestral score.

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