Man Lab Link-Off: The Return

Welcome back to the Man Lab links. A quick skim of the archives shows that we haven’t posted a Man Lab Link-Off since January. Hopefully we haven’t you out to dry without the advice links that we include in these posts. I’d like to think that we made up for it with the content here. Let’s make up for the absence with Miranda Kerr.

Fifteen years ago, British documentary film maker Louis Theroux examined the US porn industry. In his follow-up documentary, he finds an industry that’s been devastated by the rise of free internet porn. (The Guardian)

After the jump, how to know if a woman likes you, a breakdown of all three “Hot 100” lists and the return of Trish Stratus.

Worried about your significant other publicly posting nude pictures you took for him/her? There’s an app for that. (New York Times) It doesn’t help you if you’re “hacked” though. Sorry celebs.

Now let’s get into the dating advice part of the show. I think that’s what we used to do in these posts. Anyway, here are 26 signs that a woman likes you. (How About We…)

Maybe women aren’t hinting that they like you. You can always try a few things to make them chase you. (Made Man)

What if you’re not a stereotypical alpha male? Are your chances gone before you start? Science says that women still like you because you’re dependable. (Gizmodo)

Suppose you don’t have women making the first move. Your lady friends can still help you out with other women. (Guyism)

And you don’t need to hit the bars to meet women. There are other places and ways to meet women if the club scene isn’t your thing. (Ask Men)

Now you’ve hooked her. The problem is that you don’t exactly have a lot of coin. Never fear, we’ve found four simple and cheap inexpensive first date ideas. (Primer)

Because it seems like the logical next link, here are 30 rules for a stay over relationship. (The Frisky)

Scientists have a lot of time on their hands. A new study says that showing women pictures of food will cause them to gain weight and pictures of people having sex will make them want to have sex. (Nerve)

Three anonymous actors and actresses discuss their experiences shooting sex scenes. It’s not nearly as exciting as what’s on screen makes it look. (Vulture)

Here’s your funny fact of the day: Porno mag Hustler has spelling and grammar style rules. Considering the photographic content of their magazine, it’s ironic that their contribution to decency would be in consistent spelling. (Romenesko)

Since we haven’t talked about them on the blog, let’s go over the three major “hottest woman in the world” lists. First up is Maxim’s Hot 100. They probably had the best pick for #1. However, #2 through #100 are questionably. They easily did the worst job of the three. But that’s what happens when they populate the top spots with flavours of the month and reserve the top ten for women who have recently done or are scheduled to do photo shoots. (Maxim)

FHM is a little closer to the mark. As it’s a British publication, it doesn’t shoehorn unknown  Americans on to the list. It’s probably a little more accurate than Maxim but their choice of #1 is almost unjustifiable. (FHM)

The best list from top to bottom is probably Ask Men. They combine staff rankings with public voting which balances out the flavour of the month-ish-ness of these lists. I don’t agree with their #1 but they did the best job of the three. (Ask Men)

Trish Stratus is back with her 90th magazine cover. She’s on the cover of Inside Fitness. I’d say the yoga thing is working for her.

I don’t think we could call this a Man Lab post unless we mention Kate Upton.

Did you know that pole dancing is actually a competitive sport for some? Jenyne Butterfly is one of the top women in the sport and shows that pole dancing doesn’t always need to involve stripping.

Let’s close with a Call Me Maybe video. It’s the one with the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders if that makes it any better. I know that I won’t make it better but humour me.


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