Entertainment Link-Off: Mirror Mirror

After a week and a bit, I am back with the latest edition of the Entertainment Link-Off! To make things up, let’s kick it all off with the leading ladies of Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron.

After the jump, another member of SNL leaves for greener pastures, Canadians and Americans have similar taste in TV, an superior alternate opening to John Carter revealed and watch S Club try to make a comeback on Aussie TV!Another funny man from SNL has decided to call it quits. Andy Samberg will not be returning to the late night sketch show next season. (New York Times)

DC Comics is now trying to be socially relevant; therefore 1 of the 7200 Green Lanterns is now revealed to be gay. (Zap2it)

Now we all know that G.I. Joe: Retaliation has been delayed til March 2013 for
3D conversion, but could the real reason be for bringing Channing Tatum back into the fold? (Slashfilm)

Gotta love bootleg. The Chinese bootleg release of Game of Thrones looks much more interesting than the actual thing. Check out the cover art and you will see. (Nerd Approved)

The Avengers are headed to space! Well… that is a screening of the film will be done at the International Space Station. (USA Today)

Now that is milking a successful franchise. Take a look at the 10 disc set for The Avengers that Marvel is planning to release. (Collider)

New spy photo has revealed something spoilery for Iron Man 3. (Latino Review)

Being a big name like Seth Rogen does have its perks. In his directorial debut The End of the World, a few set photos has revealed that he might have called in a few favours and assembled quite the impressive cast. (Screen Crush)

While slightly uneven, John Carter was a fun sci-fi adventure film. An alternate opening to the film has been revealed and turns out, it’s better than what made the final cut! (Entertainment Weekly)

Christian Bale reveals his thoughts on doing another Batman movie after The Dark Knight Rises. (Empire)

5 things you might not know about Ridley Scott’s 1979 film Alien. (The Playlist)

Early buzz on Prometheus is looking quite strong. (Slashfilm)

The new Bourne Legacy trailer shows a bit more action and highlights how it is connected to the previous films. (Apple)

New look into season 4 of White Collar. (TV Guide)

Canadians and Americans’ list of their top 20 most viewed shows reveal that we both have similar taste in television. We’re all doomed. (The TV Addict)

Another new Spidey TV-spot has hit the net and once again it doesn’t disappoint.

Fans of S Club 7 back in the day must have been stoked to hear about the group reforming. However, if you take a look at this half-assed attempt at a reunion tour performed by less than half the original members, a small part of you will die on the inside.

In celebration of Wong Fu’s 5 year anniversary, here’s a look at one of their old shorts re-released on their official channel Just A Nice Guy.


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