Wednesday Link-Off: Solstice

It’s our last linkdump before Christmas. We’ll be around through the weekend to keep your time off covered. In the meanwhile, here’s Candice Swanepoel in her Christmas finest.

A crazy conservative senator thinks Canada should drop the beaver for the polar bear as the national animal. (BBC)

ESPN’s Craig James has left the mothership to run for the US Senate. Apparently, the last people to find out were the ESPN news staff. (Deadspin)

Still stuck for Christmas gift ideas? You might want to avoid these 25 ideas. (Holy Taco)

After the jump, Tecmo Bowl is still running strong, Bill Murray really doesn’t want to Ghostbusters 3 and a Roddy Piper Christmas.

After 20 years, Tecmo Bowl is still one of the most beloved football games of all-time and still being played today. (Kotaku)

Could tablets and other advanced technology be coming soon to NFL sidelines? The league is looking into it. (Mashable)

Links get a little slow at this time of year. You know it’s bad when I have to link to a story about an Indian racing series that is using a city-based franchise system. (Khaleej Times)

So what does $1 million for Lindsay Lohan and even more on photoshopping buy Hef? A Playboy issue that absolutely won’t sell. (Fox News)

Bill Murray did read the script for Ghostbusters 3…. And then shredded it and sent it back to Dan Aykroyd in a box. (Gamma Squad)

Ever wonder why people unfollow you on Twitter? There are nine common reasons for that happening. (Cracked)

Looking for some cool new fonts? Here are nine sites that have some great free fonts. (My Life Scoop)

Let’s do a video gallery to kick off the gallery portion of the post. Skyrim may have won the VGA for game of the year but it’s still got some pretty amazing bugs. (Unreality)

If the internet was made up of superheroes, they would look something like these. (Twisted Sifter)

You’ve probably ordered stuff off Amazon before but do you know what the Amazon warehouse looks like on the inside? (BuzzFeed)

Rowdy Roddy Piper has his own Christmas carol. Can you survive his twelve days of Christmas?

Or if you prefer your parody Christmas songs to be parodies of pop songs, there’s this cover of LMFAO.


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