Entertainment Link-Off: Home Is Where the Heart Is

It’s Saturday, so it’s time for another Entertainment Link-Off. This weekend at the box office, it’s a face-off between the star studded/critically bashed New Years Eve or there’s the less critically hated The Sitter starring Jonah Hill. Oh you can also find Ari Graynor in The Sitter, so let’s start off the ELO with her.

After the jump, the new Spider-Man poster, some Battleship related links, save Greendale Community College, reaction to The Dark Knight Rises prologue, a few more movie trailers to check out and ending it all off with the latest music video from Magnetic North.

Now that is one awesome poster! The teaser poster for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot looks pretty nifty! Sure beats the usual photoshopped crap that studios tend to pump out. (Superhero Hype)

Speaking of one-sheets, the latest for American Reunion is a nice throwback to the original American Pie poster. It’s nice knowing that after all these years, photoshopping skills have not improved. (Movies.com)

18 things learned from the editing room of Battleship.(Collider)

Have a look at the latest trailer for Battleship. Seems like director Peter Berg is channeling his inner Michael Bay. (Apple)

The episode of Community that just aired recently will be the last one to hit the TV screens before the show goes on hiatus. Just because the show is on a break, it doesn’t mean the cast is also taking time off. In a new fake PSA, the cast is trying to get you to save the show… erm I mean Greendale! (College Humor)

They weren’t finished there, the cast also took over Joel McHale’s show The Soup. (NY Mag)

With the Jaws exhibit gone, there now going to be more Harry Potter. While I don’t mind seeing a Harry Potter expansion, I’m still disappointed they’re pushing Jaws to the wayside for this. (Slashfilm)

Not a good sign for Thor 2. Director Patty Jenkins has left the film due to ‘creative differences’. Uh oh! (Deadline)

Some spoilery goodness on the Evil Dead remake. Yes it sounds like it’s going to be a good straight up horror movie, but the downside? It doesn’t sound very Evil Dead at all. (Moviehole)

More reasons to go see The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX. Roughly 50 minutes of footage for the film is shot in IMAX! That’s about double the amount found in the previous film. (Slashfilm)

Here’s also some spoiler-free reactions to The Dark Knight Rises prologue that can be seen along with the upcoming film Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. (Collider)

Ranking the 10 best boobs on television. It’s probably not what you think. (Pajiba)

Things that make you die on the inside #234381. The Three Stooges remake… (Apple)

In other trailer news, a preview for The Cabin in the Woods has finally surfaced and it looks promising! (Yahoo)

FOX Business Reports thinks The Muppets is brainwashing kids into thinking capitalism is bad and that the oil industry is evil. Ummm what? (Media Matters for America)

Christmas is near and there’s nothing like celebrating Christmas with elves battling with light sabres.

The music video for the song “Man or Muppet” is now online. Can you say Best Song at the Oscars next year?

Finally, let’s end this off with a music recommendation post. The latest music video for Magnetic North is worth checking out. The lyrics are honest and heart-felt. There are definitely many people that can relate to the message that is delivered in the MV. After watching the video, doesn’t it make you miss ‘home’ that much more?

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