Wednesday Link-Off: Catching Up

Writing a linkdump when you’re in a timezone completely opposite the rest of the blogosphere is harder than I expected. That’s why there’s fewer links than usual. That doesn’t explain how I completely missed Michelle Trachtenberg on the Maxim cover back in March. Why was I not informed?

We’ve all heard about the CFL alumni luncheon fight between Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca by now. Well, legendary pro wrestling champion The Iron Sheik is looking to make Kapp humble. (The 55-Yard Line)

The Star Wars: The Old Republic beta is out. Somehow, my sister got a beta invite and I, a moderately influential blogger, did not. Anyway, is it living up to the hype so far? (Forbes)

Looking for breakfast with a side of drama? Then Waffle House is the restaurant for you! (New York Times)

After the jump, Twitter’s latest casualty, the life of an NCAA walk-on and in the cockpit of an F1 racecar.

Paulina Gretzky, daughter of that Gretzky guy, has quit Twitter. Maybe it had something to do with the Canadian media discovering that she knows how to post pictures to Twitter. (Puck Daddy)

Dan Carcillo is getting a radio show. It’s not like he much of a game to work on. (Pro Hockey Talk)

So what is life like if you’re not the star player of a college football team but rather the guy that made the team on a tryout without a scholarship? Here’s the story of USC’s walk-on backup QB. (LA Times)

If you’re the Indianapolis Colts, your quarterback options are Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky. Not exactly what you’d call a great situation. (The Big Lead)

Lily Aldridge was on NFL Today on CBS to promote last night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Dan Marino was particularly interested in what she had to say. (Deadspin)

For no real reason, here are rap lyrics that name check pro wrestling legend Bob Backlund. (The Smoking Section) Bringing things full circle, Backlund lost the title to The Iron Sheik allegedly because he wouldn’t drop the belt to Hulk Hogan.

There’s software to tell you how much photoshopping is done to photos. Shouldn’t the scale be yes or no? (New York Times)

I hate to break it to you but your cell phone will probably be the death of you. Seriously, here are seven ways it’s screwing with your body and mind. (Cracked)

Ever wonder what it’s like to drive an F1 race car? Well, Rubens Barrichello’s helmet cam gives you a decent idea of what you’d see from the cockpit.


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