Sunday Link-Off: All Hallows’ Eve Eve

It’s Sunday and we have a new look on the blog. It’s also the day before Halloween. So, naturally, we’ve got someone dressed up in a costume as we’re wont to do on the link-off before Halloween. Today, it’s Candice Swanepoel dressed as the devil. Cliché yet amazing.

Did you know there’s such a thing as professional mini-golf? There are professional tours, major championships and even The Masters. (The Daily)

Speaking of odd ways to make money, marketers are trying underhanded ways of paying bloggers for money. They’re paying bloggers to drop links subtly into their articles. (Gawker)

The NBA lockout isn’t quite as over as the media was hoping it would be at this point. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t basketball stories coming out. A new study has shown that there is such a thing as the hot hand in basketball. (Mind Hacks)

After the jump, Kim Kardashian’s marriage may be a complete sham, Sherlock Holmes is making a comeback and a Halloween light show.

I’m sure we’ve heard all about Kim Kardashian’s marital woes. Part of the reason for that is because the whole relationship is a sham. Producers for Kim’s reality show wanted to set her up with a New York athlete to get some buzz going for the show. The first choice rejected her and the rest is history. (The Big Lead)

Ever wonder how the NBA was sold on NBA Jam? Well, the pitch wasn’t quite the same as the finished product. (Kotaku)

Steven Spielberg also hated Indiana Jones 4. There’s nothing like a director throwing his friend/producer under the bus. (CNN)

One fictional character that is enjoying a resurgence is Sherlock Holmes. He’s in theatres at Christmas, back on BBC TV in 2012 and is returning to bookshelves. (Daily Telegraph)

Speaking of great TV characters, here are the top ten Top Gear lines of Jeremy Clarkson… in the world. (Jalopnik)

The 1% have claimed another victim. Their massive spending on frivolous projects has robbed Ken Jennings of his ability of his livelihood as a game show contestant. (The Daily What)

I keep wondering why so many of my Facebook “friends” are mocking the Occupy protesters. Well, studies now indicate that young people are increasingly cruel. (Talking Philosophy)

All is not lost in today’s society, however. Someone has invented a sifter that separates the marshmallows from the cereal from Lucky Charms. (Gizmodo)

The University of Ohio recently launched a campaign against Halloween costumes which could be considered racist. Well, the internet has its own unique take on this campaign. (The Chive)

Halloween parties are still ongoing tonight and tomorrow. One thing you might need help with for those parties is figuring out the meaning of some of the more revealing costumes that will be worn. So here is what eight typical slutty costumes say about the girl wearing it. (Guyism)

We’ve all seen videos of the Christmas light shows with lights synchronized to Christmas music. Well, someone is doing that for Halloween but is synchronizing to LMFAO.

What happens when you mashup Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater with parkour? Pro Freerunner!

Speaking of video games, coming out on Tuesday is Uncharted 3.

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