Entertainment Link-Off: Get In. Get Out. Get Away!

Another Saturday, another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Kicking off this entry is the younger sister of the Olsen twins Elizabeth Olsen who just happens to be making rounds at the film fests including the recent Toronto International Film Festival.

After the jump, a few trailers to check out, Superman joins Facebook, Source Code the TV series, Steven Spielberg is a step ahead of George Lucas and a look at how Captain America should have ended.

Hot trailer alert. I’m always up for a fun chase/actioner movie and this one fits the bill. So the director and screenwriter aren’t exactly known for making strong films, but at least it stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jamie Chung! Here’s a look at Premium Rush. (Yahoo)

In celebration of the release of the DVD and Blu-Ray of X-Men: The First Class, here’s a fun drinking game to help release the inner mutant in you. (Film School Rejects)

Ever wonder what would happen if superheroes decided to join Facebook? Well here’s a look at Superman and his struggles with social networking. (Comics Alliance)

No only is 3D dying in the television market, it seems like less people are flocking to theatres to watch films in 3D lately. So who’s to blame for the death of 3D? Let the finger pointing begin! (Slate)

After being unceremoniously fired from Transformers 3, it’s no surprise that Megan Fox hasn’t seen the movie yet, right? (Moviefone)

Here’s a procedural that might be worth watching on CBS. The film Source Code is now being developed into a television series. I like the idea of sci-fi meshing with some crime drama. However, knowing CBS… the sci-fi element just might not be making that big of a splash… (The Hollywood Reporter)

The eight minute trailer for the remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is generating a lot of positive buzz. (Slashfilm)

At least this is better cut than the trailer. Here’s the TV spot for the upcoming prequel The Thing. There’s a few more glimpses of the alien causing havoc in Antarctica in this one. (Script Flags)

They’re really starting to beef up The Expendables 2. With Chuck Norris in the fold and a Stallone-Van Damme showdown in the works, this is something to look forward to. (Entertainment Weekly)

Unlike George Lucas, at least Steven Speilberg realizes that tweaking old films isn’t exactly a good thing. (Slashfilm)

Standing up against cancer… Star Wars style! (Entertainment Weekly)

Another edition of ‘what were they thinking?!?!’ for the CW. They’re looking to do a prequel series to Sex and the City. God help us all. (Deadline)

Sad news Spartacus fans. Andy Whitfield has passed away earlier this week after losing the battle in his second bout against non-Hodgkin lymphoma. RIP Andy Whitfield. (LA Times) Let’s also take a moment to remember the awesomeness that he displayed working with freddiew in the short Time Crisis.

I’m always up for a hockey flick. While the new international trailer for Goon doesn’t quite impress, it does look like a fun flick to see anyway. Have a look for yourself.

Dan Trachtenberg made quite the splash a few weeks back with the video game inspired online short Portal: No Escape. Here’s a quick 3 minute behind the scenes clip that shows the neat tricks that took place during the making of the video.

Due to the tie-in with The Avengers, the ending to the Captain America film lacked the emotional umph it was going for. Perhaps this is how the film should have ended…


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