Sunday Link-Off: Laying The Smackdown

Surprisingly, Jackie didn’t lead off his ELO with a picture of a starlet from one of this weekend’s new movies. So I’ll cover that for him with Columbiana star Zoe Saldana.

If you thought The Wrestler was a fictional movie, the old and broke wrestler struggling to make ends meet is more common than you’d think. Those ranks include the legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair. (Grantland)

What happens when a Deadspin writer gets invited to ESPN’s state of the union address? Nothing good for Mr. Craggs. (Deadspin)

Speaking of the mothership, ESPN courted controversy by running an article wondering how things would be different if Michael Vick was white. In response, BSO wondered what Tom Brady would be like if he was black. (Black Sports Online)

After the jump, The Rock is ready to lay the smacketh down on NBC, food photo galleries and what happens to WWE Raw comes to Canada.

NBC has just ordered a new pilot that’s being produced by Hollywood heavyweight Jerry Bruckheimer and actual heavyweight Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It’s a drama about 80s pro wrestling. (Sports Grid) I’m wondering if I should ask  you “Whatchya gonna do, brother? Whatchya gonna do when Bruckheimer runs wild on you?!” or close with “If you SMEELLLLL… what The Rock… is… cookin’.”

Race car drivers tend to have little input into how their cars look. The only real thing they do have a say over is their helmet. Here’s how your typical helmet gets designed and painted. (The Buxton Blog)

Shaq has always been a popular NBA player for whatever reason. It probably doesn’t have anything to do with being fan friendly. After all, when it comes to women, a recently uncovered series of emails show that he’s hilariously picky. (Deadspin)

Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC might have started as a Colbert Report joke but he can really make waves with it. His Super PAC is just like any other Super PAC and that should have Republicans worried. (SplitSider)

This week’s Community rerun was the clip show that wasn’t really a clip show as the study group reminisced about what happened this year at Greendale. Here is the most detailed breakdown of this episode you’ll ever see. (Slate)

Some people see video games as only a waste of time but they may serve a greater purpose. They let us get our thrill-seeking out of the way without the potential costs. (Kotaku)

Another thing that video games are good for is helping time pass. But did you know that there is a scientific reason why time seems to pass slowly? (Gizmodo)

Just in time for Labour Day, it’s a look at the weirdest liquor laws in the US. (Made Man)

Ever wonder if you’re a proper kid of the 90s. Well, here’s 25 ways to tell if you are. (BuzzFeed)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed by we kinda like food around here. So naturally, we have to run this photo gallery of chocolate bar cross sections. (Ned Hardy)

Speaking of food photo galleries, here are 21 of the best fast food items not available in America. (Super Booyah) They really should change the Canadian item to Quebec because I sure as hell haven’t seen a Big Mac with poutine combo in Ontario.

WWE Raw came to Edmonton this week. Like most of the rest of WWE fans, Edmontonians don’t like John Cena as demonstrated by their treatment of his shirt.

What happens when you mashup Top Gear with My Little Pony? Something bizarre that kinda works.

If you thought North American sports brawls were good, you haven’t seen anything until you see the Aussies do it.

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