Lowdown Pub Quiz: Week 2

On the last podcast, we did our first Lowdown pub quiz where our intrepid hosts/bloggers competed in a battle of wits (Or, in Steve’s case, half of it). In our first attempt at this, Steve noted that they both scored 5 out of 7. The difference between the two is that Jackie got 5 of 7 right while Steve got 5 of 7 wrong. Can Steve redeem himself in our second quiz or will Jackie grow the lead? Hit the jump for this week’s quiz.

Before we get started, you can see how you stack up to the boys by taking this week’s quiz yourself at the BBC News website.

Question #1: Australian rock band AC/DC is launching its own range of wine, following in the footsteps of other musicians. Which of these haven’t brought out their own brand wines?
Answers: Def Leppard, KISS, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake

Steve’s Answer: Whitesnake
Jackie’s Answer: Def Leppard

Correct Answer: Def Leppard
It’s Def Leppard. Lead singer Joe Elliott launched his own beer last year called Down ‘N’ Outz.

Question #2: The chairman of Ferrari, the supercar maker, said this week his company will never produce?
Answers: A seven-seater people carrier, An electric car, a hatchback

Steve’s Answer: An electric car
Jackie’s Answer: An electric car

Correct Answer: An electric car
It’s the electric car. Luca di Montezemolo said he did not believe in them. But he said Ferrari was working hard to produce a hybrid car, and was making every effort to increase fuel-efficiency. The company already makes a hatchback.

Question #3: BLANK becoming addicted to digital TV
Answers: Dogs, Babies, Budgies

Steve’s Answer: Dogs
Jackie’s Answer: Dogs

Correct Answer: Dogs
It’s dogs. Experts say canines are developing a taste for television because, unlike old analogue sets, digital signals allow them to see programmes the way humans do.

Question #4: Greenpeace retired its campaign ship Rainbow Warrior II this week. What has it become now?
Answers: A floating hospital in Bangladesh, A sailing school for poor Cuban children, A fish sanctuary on the sea bed off New Zealand

Steve’s Answer: A floating hospital in Bangladesh
Jackie’s Answer: A floating hospital in Bangladesh

Correct Answer: A floating hospital in Bangladesh
It’s the floating hospital. Rainbow Warrior II’s predecessor, Rainbow Warrior I, was scuppered off the New Zealand coast in 1987. It had been severely damaged two years earlier, when French intelligence services bombed it in retaliation for Greenpeace’s campaign against the country’s nuclear tests in the Pacific.

Question #5: “There were a few raised eyebrows.” Who said?
Answers: Producer of Jersey Shore after Abercrombie and Fitch offered to pay the cast to not wear its clothes, A flight attendant after actor Gerard Depardieu urinated in front of fellow passengers on a plane, Former UK foreign minister David Millbrand, after telling friends he was holidaying at Center Parcs

Steve’s Answer: A flight attendant after actor Gerard Depardieu urinated in front of fellow passengers on a plane
Jackie’s Answer: Former UK foreign minister David Millbrand, after telling friends he was holidaying at Center Parcs

Correct Answer: Former UK foreign minister David Millbrand, after telling friends he was holidaying at Center Parcs
It’s David Miliband, who went on holiday to Center Parcs in France this year.

Question #6: It was reported this week that the remote Pacific island of Aitutaki (population 2,000), one of the Cook Islands, has recently experienced its first ever instance of which of the following crimes?
Answers: Road rage, Stalking, Bank robbery

Steve’s Answer: Bank robbery
Jackie’s Answer: Bank robbery

Correct Answer: Bank robbery
It’s bank robbery. The robbers, who struck last week, are said to have bagged about NZ$200,000 (£100,500; $166,000) – mostly savings from locals. Police were flown in from the capital, Rarotonga, to investigate. The culprit or culprits are thought to be outsiders.

Question #7: A legal battle over the rights of the Village People’s song YMCA has broken out. Group member Victor Willis has filed a claim to regain rights to it. But what did he perform as in the group?
Answers: Construction worker, Policeman, Native American, Biker

Steve’s Answer: Policeman
Jackie’s Answer: Biker

Correct Answer: Policeman
It’s as a policeman, plus he occasionally performed as a sailor. Willis was the founding member of the group. A 1976 Act of Congress in the US allows recording artists to reclaim the rights to their songs 35 years after their original release.

This week’s tally:
Steve: 5/7
Jackie: 6/7

Overall Score:
Jackie: 11/14
Steve: 7/14

Just when Steve thought he could pick up the win with a strong score this week, Jackie snatches victory for the week and stretches his lead to four points. Can Steve answer get off the schneid next week?

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