Wednesday Link-Off: Fringe Benefits

It’s time for another set of Wednesday links. Since I missed out on her epic EPSYs appearance, here’s Emmanuelle Chriqui.

Once again, Brendan Shanahan and the NHL’s R&D department are back at work trying novel new things to fix hockey. Do they actually think that hockey still needs fixing after the playoffs we just saw? (Puck Daddy)

The US Women’s National Team may have lost the World Cup but Alex Morgan may have won the war. She’s the breakout star from the tournament based on the number of marriage proposals on her Facebook page. (Dirty Tackle)

With the NBA lockout looking like it’ll be for the long haul, it’s drawing comparisons to the NHL lockout. (NOLA)

After the jump, the latest on the Uncharted movie, Darth Vader gets kicked off Google+, and an a capella Star Wars.

USC’s football team recruits some of the best athletes but definitely not the brightest. One running back ran his mouth to a TMZ camera and got suspended for his stupidity. (The Big Lead)

The Rogers Cup tennis tournament got in a spot of trouble for their allegedly sexist posters. So they replaced them with boring ones. (Busted Racquet)

I’m sure you know that people actually play quidditch. But did you know that the rules of quidditch would make it the world’s most boring spectator sport if it ever took off in real life? (Business Insider)

Good news: Uncharted’s new director, Neil Burger, is willing to consider more than just Mark Walberg as Nathan Drake. Rise Browncoats! (Crave Online)

Uncharted segues to another point. It seems like creativity is being sacrificed in the video game industry in favour of the almighty dollar. (BBC Click)

My boy on Google+, Darth Vader, got banned for being “fictional.” His PR lackeys have taken up his cause with this strongly worded open letter of complaint. (Death Star PR)

Ever wonder what happened to the Star Wars sets in Tunisia? They’re still they and actually in use. (Izismile)

Today’s cool tech website of the day is one that can identify fonts used in images. (What The Font)

Ever want to go off the grid and disappear? The New York Times of all places has some tips to help you with that. (New York Times)

Since I’m a huge advocate of zombie apocalypse planning, here’s a list of the top ten vehicles for post-apocalyptic survival. (Jalopnik)

In today’s photo gallery of the day (intentional redundancy), it’s a collection of photoshop mashups of old video games with DLC. (Kotaku)

Since Jackie and I are fans of the cult TV series Firefly, I thought that this mashup of Doctor Who with the Firefly theme music was pretty cool. It still amazes me how people on YouTube can be more talented than people in studio editing rooms.

And in other sci-fi fun, someone gave an a capella treatment to the lightsaber battle from The Phantom Menace. That includes replacing the Williams soundtrack and Burtt’s sound effects.

This just in, Joe Sakic still has it. He hit a $1 million hole-in-one at a celebrity golf event last weekend.


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