Wednesday Link-Off: Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Because she’s doing her country proud and accompanying Sgt. Scott Moore to the Marine Ball, here’s Mila Kunis.

It was the end of an era two weeks ago as Friday Night Lights aired its series finale. It was easily the greatest sports show ever made. (New York Post)

It’s only appropriate that on the week of baseball’s All-Star Game, this gem of a story is re-unearthed. It’s the story of Dock Ellis pitching a no-hitter on LSD. (Deadspin)

To see if it was possible, Deadspin Editor-In-Chief AJ Daulerio tried to recreate the feat using MLB 2K11 on the XBox 360. His effort was filmed and posted for posterity. (Deadspin on Acid)

After the jump, Joe Buck is willing to shut up for us, the best of Top Gear and the return of DJ Steve Porter.

Good news, baseball fans: Joe Buck is willing to step aside to let Vin Scully call the World Series. Bad news: Fox is only willing to let Vin do a couple of innings. (Big League Stew)

On the heels of Derek Jeter getting his 3000th hit, Jonah Kerri examines the meaning behind round number milestones and if too much emphasis is put on those milestones in judging a career. (Grantland)

Let’s try to sneak some hockey in here while we’re at it. Here’s a breakdown of the top free agent signings of 2011 in classic DGB style. (Down Goes Brown)

Kentucky Speedway hosted its first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race last weekend. To say that the logistics were an unmitigated disaster would be an understatement. (The Big Lead)

You know a boxing decision is bad when the TV crew is saying that the winner shouldn’t have won right in front of him. The HBO crew was less than impressed with the decision victory by Paul Williams over Erislandy Lara. (Sports Grid)

Here are some quotes from Top Gear producer Andy Wilman about what goes on behind the scenes of the world’s most popular motoring show. And I’m borrowing the term “fuckwits” for daily use now. (Daily Telegraph)

Who’s the biggest star in the world right now? It might just be Dr. Ken Jeong. (Hollywood Reporter)

Good news: Rebecca Black’s new single is dropping next week. No, wait… (Uproxx)

Here’s a look at the most memorable F-word moments in the history of TV. Naturally, this would be a list close to my fucking heart. (Warming Glow)

The biggest trend in video games may not be endless sequels. It might be the gratuitous use of first-person points-of-view in gaming. (Kotaku)

Here’s the day’s first list. It’s the top ten Top Gear episodes to get someone hooked on the show. (Jalopnik) I fully recommend USA Trip 1 and Reliant Robin Space Shuttle for this one. The fact that Series 9 was my first season might be most of the reason. Full disclosure: My first Top Gear episode was S07E06.

Just for fun, here’s Empire Strikes Back as a silent film.

DJ Steve Porter is back with his latest sports autotune remix. This one is all about LeBron James and the Miami Heat.

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