Wednesday Link-Off: Seriously Uncool

It’s time for the last set of Wednesday links for June. So why not close it off with Katy Perry? Can you tell I didn’t have a segue there?

It looks like teens aren’t taking to Facebook as much as they used to. I guess it’s not cool to be Facebook friends with mom and dad. (Forbes)

Adam Carolla may not be hosting Top Gear USA but he is getting his own car show. Speed Channel has signed up Adam and some friends for The Car Show. (Jalopnik)

Did you know that James Toney and Ken Shamrock are still fighting? Well, that’s a relative term because they’re doing some dirty boxing pseudo-fight for an unnamed promotion in September. I’m shocked they weren’t forced to hold it at an Indian casino because no one else wanted that crap. (The Big Lead)

After the jump, which Cup champ drinks light beer, Doctor Who’s girl gone wild and the year’s best wrestling promo.

On that giant bar bill for the Boston Bruins’ post-Cup celebration there was one oddity. There was one Amstel Light ordered. Well, the good folks at Amstel Light want to find out who ordered it and give them as much beer as they can drink for July 4th. Here are the prime suspects. (Puck Daddy)

And keeping with hockey, Friday is the start of NHL free agency. Where will Brad Richards end up? Glen Sather has a rather convincing pitch for him. (Bloge Salming)

Wimbledon is trying to crack down on grunting. Slate is trying to turn grunting into a game. Do you know whose grunt is whom’s? (Slate)

I’m scooping this link out from underneath Jackie. Bill Shatner is hosting a documentary about Star Trek captains including his 21st century replacement. How do they decide who is the better Kirk? Arm wrestling. (Gamma Squad)

Speaking of sci-fi, Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan made a spectacle of herself in a New York hotel. She was wandering naked through the halls early in the morning. Sadly no pictures. (Warming Glow)

There’s a Simpsons porn parody out now. I didn’t know somebody would think it’s a good idea. Anyway, apparently the parody is good but not the actual porn. (SplitSider)

On the last ELO, I ran a video about dining out at what used to be the Double R Diner of Twin Peaks fame. Well, here’s a look at three other famous TV restaurants… And the Double R again. (The Awl)

You know how I know I’ve played too much LA Noire? I’m evaluating what everyone says to me using the truth/doubt/lie system. But here are 10 other signs that you’ve been playing LA Noire too much. (Planet XBox 360)

Naughty Dog has used a standard sort of progression for its last two big franchises. Three games followed by a racing game. So what’s in store for Uncharted after UC3? (Geek.Magnifico)

CM Punk cut the best promo of the year on Monday night. He shoots on backstage politics live on Raw.

Did you watch this week’s Top Gear? If you did, you saw Richard Hammond win a tug-of-war with a tow-truck. It seems far less impressive after watching a Chinese woman in a van does the same.


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