Wednesday Link-Off: Play Ball

It’s Wednesday! Wednesday! Gotta get down on Wednesday! Sorry, I’ll eventually stop those jokes. Anyway, here’s Brooklyn Decker.

What happens when an April Fools joke is joked itself? Well, that’s what happened when some techies at USC made GMail Motion a reality. (New York Times)

Planning on going to a baseball game this season? You might want to plan your visit around one of these crazy promotions. (Mental Floss)

Just because March Madness is over doesn’t mean that bracket madness is over. Now we’ve got the bracket for the most powerful person in sports. (Business Insider)

After the jump, the future of beer vendors, betting on WrestleMania 27, and Colbert gets down on Friday.

The future is finally here. A beer vendor at Seattle Mariners games is taking orders by Twitter. (CNBC)

And what do you do with the empty beer cups from your favourite beer vendor? Stack them on the head of the guy sleeping in front of you. (Sportress of Blogitude)

Those ballcaps you’re wearing? You might want to think twice about wearing them in certain places. Baseball caps are the favoured identifiers of more than a few gangs. (ESPN)

Usually I’m all for sticking it to BALCO Barry Bonds but I think it’s gone too far this time. Fortunately, Buzz Bissinger sees things the same way. (Daily Beast)

Remember that story linked on Sunday about Bodog allowing betting on WrestleMania 27? Here’s Bodog and the WWE’s explanation for why gambling on pro wrestling is possible. (Deadspin)

Remember the time that Top Gear pissed off the Mexicans? Well, the British TV regulator said that the jokes were fair game for Top Gear. (Daily Telegraph)

Do you know what the coolest job in Mesa, Arizona, is? It’s the civilian posts on the police force. I’d love that job. (BBC)

I’m a big PC gamer but PC gamers tend to get the short end from the gaming industry. Here are 12 ways that consoles are hurting PC gaming. (Maximum PC)

Let’s do a couple of galleries for old time’s sake. First, it’s some reimagined Star Wars posters. (Death Star PR)

For some reason, somebody decided to mashup a bunch of NHL team logos and put them on the internet. They’re… unique. (Imgur)

One Shining Moment 2011

Another shining moment: It’s Stephen Colbert (and company) covering Rebecca Black’s Friday. That’s winning.

Just for fun, here’s a video of a bunch of classic video game deaths.

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