Wednesday Link-Off: Quickie

It’s an abbreviated version of the Wednesday links thanks to yesterday’s minor WordPress problems. To make up for it, here’s Candice Swanepoel.

You that stereotype about Americans being idiots? Turns out that Newsweek’s research shows it might just be true. (Newsweek)

We may never really get a look inside the NFL Combine but this might be the next best thing. A documentary about Western Mustang John Surla takes us inside CFL e-Camp. (55-Yard Line)

Last weekend, TSN2 cut away from March Madness to cover women’s curling. Suffice to say, we’re officially a laughing stock. (The Big Lead)

After the jump, the Madden Madness bracket, some WWE stories and Sheen does Kimmel.

Last year, EA Sports let you choose between three NFL stars for the Madden cover. This year, they’re doing a 32-team bracket to determine the cover athlete. (Joystiq)

You can take the man out of Bristol but you can’t take the Bristol out of the man. It looks like former ESPNer Erik Kuselias is up to his old tricks at the Golf Channel. (Deadspin)

Last week, we had a list of the worst sports fans in North America. This week, we have a fan loyalty index. Basically, it’s a list of which teams are good and which suck. (Brand Keys)

The WWE might still do two weekly wrestling TV shows and have a big show every year called WrestleMania but don’t call them a wrestling company. (TV Week)

Speaking of the WWE, here’s a look at the buildup to WrestleMania 27. (With Leather)

Apple has a funny idea of censorship but this might explain some of it. They’re allowing a gay conversion app in their app store. Hmm… (Daily Telegraph)

Who do NBA players want to play themselves and their love interests in a movie based on their life? The Basketball Jones finds out. (The Basketball Jones)

Charlie Sheen is doing walk-ons now. He made a memorable unannounced appearance on Kimmel the other night. He loved Jimmy violently.

What would happen if Alex Trebek did football highlights? Something like this.

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