Sunday Link-Off: Not Winning

So Steve is away for the weekend, so it’s actually Jackie here writing your latest edition of the Sunday Link-Off. Since he has been nice enough to cover for my Entertainment Link-Offs while I was away, it would be nice of me to return the favour. Kicking off this entry is Vanessa Hudgens. She’s starring in the film Beastly this weekend… and from the looks of it, it’s not looking like it’ll be winning any Oscars next year.

After the jump, more Charlie Sheen moments, a flowchart to help you figure out which MLB team to root for, a new extreme form of hockey has emerged, and Canadian national anthem fail.

Charlie Sheen might be hated by all the women out there right now, but he’s established himself as a hero to men. No, it’s not because he starred in some shit show called Two and a Half Men. (Guyism)

So NFL potential draftees have to write a certain standardized test Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test in order to boost their chances of making it to the big leagues on draft day. While there are those who fail the test epically, there are those that also pass it with flying colours. Take Ryan Fitzpatrick of Buffalo Bills for example. He nearly aced the damn thing and is now providing some helpful advice to future test takers. (GQ)

With the baseball season just around the corner, it’s a good time for newbie fans to pick up the sport. Wondering which team you should root for? Perhaps this flowchart will give you a better idea. (Interpretation by Design)

Twitter is now a more ad friendly social networking site than Google or Facebook. Perhaps this will be a better spot to promote The Lowdown swag… (Wall Street Journal)

For those looking for a new extreme sport, this one is for you. If regular ice hockey isn’t enough, ever consider something like… underwater ice hockey? (Last Angry Fan)

There is a God! FOX news won’t be moving to Canada, so that means we won’t have more right wing rednecks on our TV screens or radiowaves! (Huffington Post)

Time for some wrestling throwback. Now that Wrestlemania has become a big wondrous event, let’s take a look back at the first ever Wrestlemania and how it turned from a small event into a pop culture staple for years to come. (Camel Clutch Blog)

So you got a comparison between Charlie Sheen and Ron Burgundy last night. Now it’s time to compare Sheen’s crazy outbursts to someone else that’s known to be somewhat of a nutbag. Time to face off Sheen’s quotable moments with those from The Ultimate Warrior. Now the question is, can you differentiate who said what? (Aggrogate)

While we’re on the topic of Charlie Sheen’s quotes, imagine how it would all look like as New Yorker cartoons. (Buzzfeed)

With 2012 just around the corner, the world is about to end and we’re all going to be fending for ourselves. Out of every essential item we can think of, it all comes down to whoever has the biggest gun will survive. Now let’s take some inspiration from video games and see which top 10 faux weapon will help ensure your survival. (The Bachelor Guy)

The Top Gear cast sans Richard Hammond is now in Australia doing their Top Gear Live shows! I think Steve wishes that he’s in Brisbane right now. Anyway, watch Clarkson experience some powerrrrrrr as he gets a taste of a V8 supercar. (Speedcafe)

Over at Northwestern University, a professor landed himself in hot water for doing an optional, after class special on sex toys. Sadly this has never happened in a UWO human sexuality class. (The Toronto Star)

Hollywood, please stop lying to us! We know that ‘found-footage films’ aren’t real. (io9)

I personally don’t tune into Ten News regularly over here, since I actually prefer other channels, but this may have changed my mind. It first popped up last month but the video has definitely gone viral since then. I still can’t entirely make up my mind about the comment that was made though. I’m unsure whether it was a backhanded jab or perhaps a rather low-ball compliment. Take a look and see for yourself.

Awesome water trick. This may be real or entirely fake. Looks like a job for Mythbusters!

There was a time back in 1994 when the CFL made an attempt to become more profitable by expanding to the States. Sure it might have worked, but perhaps it wasn’t such a great idea to hire a lounge singer from Las Vegas to sing the Canadian national anthem when he’s never heard it before. Take a listen at this hilarious rendition… funny enough, it’s actually not terrible.

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