Worst of Music 2010: Train – Hey, Soul Sister

You didn’t think that I wouldn’t hand out a Worst of Music award winner for 2010. Train ducked the weekly WoM awards by never really finding their way to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 when I was picking out a winner. Sure, this song was bad but more in the ungodly annoying way instead of the downright atrocious way. But you can’t duck the WoM forever. Hey, Soul Sister was everywhere from the radio to commercials and was annoying people every second.

The only redeeming part about this song is that the one dude uses a ukulele or something like that. I like novel instruments like that. Well that and the drummer and ukulele player both look like they’d rather be anywhere than filming this music video on the sidewalk. It all goes downhill from there. The singer has one volume (loud) and two pitches (high and for dogs only high). And if you really need me to go on and continue explaining why this song is horrible, I’d suggest that you either reassess your taste in music or stop listening to music altogether.

So congrats, Train. You’ve won the prestigious Worst of Music award for 2010.

Have a better WoM candidate for next week? Drop it in the comments.


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