Sunday Link-Off: Best of 2010

Like last year, let’s kick off the year in review linkdump with our woman of the year. There were a few good candidates but Katy Perry’s win shouldn’t come as a shock.

If you ask Time Magazine, the best man of 2010 is Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame. I think they might be a couple of years late in finding out about this whole Facebook thing. (Time)

Perhaps if you’d like a list that does a better job reflecting what happened in 2010, you should check out this list of the words of 2010. (New York Times)

For the Twitterites (and anti-Zuckerberg-ians) reading, here are the top ten trending topics on Twitter from the past year. (Twitter)

After the jump, the year in sports, the year on the internet and the year in pictures.

Let’s shift the focus to sports. Let’s start with the ten most badass sports moments of the year. The only problem is that #3 was actually the most badass but MTV is always going to get things horribly wrong. (MTV Clutch)

And now some of respectable sports lists. Here are the top 10 announcing gaffes from the last twelve months. (Awful Announcing)

Sports and entertainment crossed paths many times this year. These are the more memorable moments from 2010. (Sports Business Daily)

And here are the 100 best sports pictures of the year. Naturally, the opening of the 2010 Winter Olympics kicks off the list. (Totally Cool Pix)

We’re big gamers here at the blog. Naturally, that means we have to bring you this list of the top 25 games of the past 12 months. I completely agree with #1. (Complex) And I got #3 yesterday. Pretty cool.

Missed out on the top viral videos of the past year? Well here are the top 25 viral videos of 2010. (The Daily Beast)

If you’d rather a more complete look at the internet over the past 12 months, here is a look at the year in the internet. (Urlesque)

Back on earth, we have ourselves Yale’s top ten quotes of 2010. (ABC7)

And along those lines, here are the 12 most insane news stories of the year. (Film Drunk)

Time for the photo galleries. It’s the 120 best photos of 2010 from The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

In case you think we missed a list of the top anything from 2010. Try this list of the top Top 10 lists. (MTV Clutch)

Naturally, we have a video to close out this linkdump. Keeping with the year-end theme, here’s this year in unnecessary censorship.


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