Wednesday Link-Off: Kick It

Let’s kickoff this edition of the Wednesday links with old favourite Gina Carano.

This video has made the rounds on the internet but let’s lead off with it here. It’s the wild finish to Friday’s CFL game between Montreal and Toronto. (55-Yard Line)

The extensive and exhaustive pre-game shows of the NFL is what sets it apart from the CFL (among other things). However, most of the time, the hosts laugh like they’re high. (Wall Street Journal) Seriously, whoever voted against Prop 19 in California must watch the NFL on Fox pre-game show.

The NHL is trying to cut down on hits to the head. The German Hockey League? They’re trying to sell the game with gratuitous amounts of violence. (With Leather)

After the jump, golfers settling differences with swords, California vs. Video Games and How to be an NHL Defenceman.

Speaking of the NHL, here’s what they should be doing to improve ratings. Stop settling tie games with shootouts and go with choreographed dance-off. (Puck Daddy)

And who says that golfers don’t have personality? Here’s four of them facing off with swords. (Devil Ball)

Now that baseball is done, we’ll have to make do without the new This Week In Baseball. But now the question is being asked if it was that good at all. (7th Inning Stache)

Ashton Kutcher is running into even more trouble with Demi Moore. Well, he’s not cheating on her (allegedly) this time. Now, they both helped the Iowa Hawkeyes commit recruiting violations. (Sports By Brooks)

Phil Jackson has named his bench players “The Renegades.” So what would the other 29 benches in the Association be called? (The Basketball Jones)

The video game industry has been taken to the US Supreme Court by the state of California. Here’s some of the better exchanges from the first day of action with some NBA Jam-style commentary. (Joystiq)

Speaking of video games, TV nerd hero Masi Oka really knows his Final Fantasy. (Kotaku)

Top Gear’s James May wants to make you more of a man with his new show. It’s definitely worth a watch. (Daily Telegraph) And someone in America rips it off in 3, 2…

Let’s do a couple of galleries before we get to the YouTubery. First, here’s a look at 25 of the craziest moments from the midterm election campaign. (Time)

I mentioned before that this year was the 10th anniversary of the PS2. Here’s the obligatory look at the best games for the console. (Complex)

Dion Phaneuf is getting booed by the Toronto faithful. Maybe he should take notice of this rap called “How To Be An NHL Defenceman.”

Randy Moss was just cut by the Minnesota Vikings. Fortunately, that means that we got a new DJ Steve Porter song with some of Moss’ best quotes.

He may not have won the vote but Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party is the public’s hero. And he’s got a new single out.

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