Lowdown BlogCast Classic: October 28, 2008

In the midst of all the euphoria (we use that term very loosely) over our third anniversary, we realized that our first anniversary show wasn’t posted in our podcast archives. That’s because that episode was actually a Best Of episode of The Lowdown. This episode put together the best parts of the first three games of Season Two of The Lowdown. This classic Best Of episode starts with Steve’s adventures at 2008’s Homecoming weekend. That’s followed by some rapid fire segments including news about guys trying to outkick their coverage, 2008-09 season previews for the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs and Steve’s exploration of the internet. That’s followed up by the big Homecoming game recap package (which was one of our best produced segments ever). And the show wraps up with Steve’s tour of the UWO campus.

Click here to download the 10 MB podcast version.
Click here to download the 26 MB high-quality version.


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