NFL Week 3 Picks

So I left my nice write up on my work computer and I have little desire to rewrite the rubbish I had before. So I will just be making some picks this week without going over what I missed last week.

Home Team in CAPS
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Falcons (+3) Over SAINTS
Something about the Saints Monday night performance rubbed me the wrong way. Drew Brees has not been the elite quarterback he showed he was last year and doesn’t get there this week as The Falcons run over the Saints in New Orleans.

CHIEFS (+3) Over 49ers
The 49ers need to win this game if they have any desire to play into January this year. But I don’t think they will find it. I really like the Chiefs home field advantage and the confidence that they will be playing with after two straight victories. Matt Cassell worries me but I think the Chiefs still prevail using a strong running game.

Lions (+11.5) Over VIKINGS
11.5 points… The Vikings are just barely averaging over that per game. I like the Viks to win but the Lions should keep it close. The Lions after all showed the can score in garbage time.

TEXANS (-2.5) Over Cowboys
Texans have beaten Indy at home. I think that the Cowboys could have a big day in the air. Romo should have a nice day throwing to Miles Austin and Dez Bryant but the Texans are going to be better on offence. They are just better offensively and they are home. Give me the Texans.

Titans (+3) Over GIANTS
The Titans struggled offensively against defence last week and the Giants just struggled. Eli Manning needs a confidence boost after getting whalloped by his brother but the Titans aren’t it. Chris Johnson is going to run like the wind today.

PATRIOTS (-14.5) Over Bills
The Bills are just helpless that they are using their quarterback from Harvard. Its going to be a long season for them. Brady has a huge day.

RAVENS (-11) Over Browns
Same as above except that the Browns have a slightly better quarterback. Baltimore needs to bury this team to show that they are legitimate Super Bowl contenders and at their home opener they have no reason not to.

Steelers (-3) Over BUCCANEERS
Its not clear how good TB actually is or how bad their opponents have been but Pittsburgh has rolled over the Titans and Falcons, two potential playoff teams. Amazing that a team starting their fourth string quarterback can be favored on the road but thats how good the Steelers are.

Bengals (-3) Over PANTHERS
Poor Jimmy Clausen. Gets his first start against a gritty defence that picked off Joe Flacco four times last week. The Panthers are going to struggle to much more than the Bengals. It should be low scoring and sloppy affair but ultimately the Bengals prevail.

Redskins (-4.5) Over RAMS
Still too early for the Rams. They are kind of on the right track but still need more pieces to be competitive. Donovan McNabb should be able to march up and down the football field in St. Louis and the Redskins put up a good amount of points while stopping Bradford and the Rams.

Eagles (-3) Over JAGUARS
I can’t predict games with the Jaguars in them. Last year I was 3-13 picking the winner in games with Jacksonville. This is a guess and nothing more. I think Vick should be starting but I hope he bombs because I think Kevin Colb will have a good career in Philadelphia and the only way you become a better player is to get in your reps. The Eagles won’t win the Super Bowl this year so they should be developing Colb. Just my two pennies.

Colts (-6) Over BRONCOS
Broncos lost a teammate this week and its a difficult situation to deal with. This game might be close but I think the Colts still win by a touchdown. It certainly doesn’t help that Champ Bailey is out. Manning lights up the Broncos secondary and Orton has a good game in this surprisingly high scoring game.

Chargers (-4.5) Over SEAHAWKS
As long as its not raining. Phillip Rivers should have a strong game and Seattle will show their true pathetic colours today. Hopefully they wont be wearing the bright green.

Raiders (+4.5) Over CARDINALS
Derek Anderson should not be favored by by 4.5 points against anyone. Period.

DOLPHINS (-2.5) Over Jets
I like the Dolphins defence in this game. Will Sanchez have a good game. It is highly unlikely. He rebounds nicely from bad games so he should be good next week. Should be a very grind em out game.

Packers (-3) Over BEARS
Game of the week and it should be a dandy.

I am 13-16-3 over two weeks which means that this week is mine to win!

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