Wednesday Link-Off: The Best And Worst

To kick off this edition of the Wednesday linkdump, here’s Bond girl Olga Kurylenko.

The latest NHL games hit shelves this week. EA Sports’ NHL 11 is the only game on PS3 and 360 so I’m not linking to those reviews. However, 2K is releasing NHL 2K11 exclusively for the Wii. (Kotaku) Meanwhile, EA has their own Wii exclusive NHL release with Wayne Gretzky starring in NHL Slapshot (with hockey stick peripheral) for the Wii. (IGN)

Nokia’s promotion for its latest phone gives you a chance to star in a short film with Pamela Anderson. The joke just writes itself on this one. (Gizmodo) Okay, I’ll bite. You’ll join Tommy Lee and Vince Neil in the ranks of co-stars in Pam Anderson short films.

And a blogger says that Albert Pujols’ head is getting bigger. What is he hinting at? (Midwest Sports Fan) In fairness to Jerod, he’s not the one doing the hinting this time.

After the jump, the worst IndyCar driver of all time, the return of Kimbo Slice, and a football promo that’s not a trap.

Remember ex-OHLer Michael Liambas? Well, absolutely trucking a rookie is good enough to get you an invite to Maple Leafs camp. (Buzzing the Net) Though I still think Liambas got a raw deal.

The people have spoken and the official worst IndyCar driver of all-time is… (SPEED)

You can’t keep Kimbo Slice down. After getting dropped by the UFC, he’s looking to bounce back by taking up boxing. (The Big Lead)

We all know by now that the secret identity of Top Gear’s The Stig has been revealed. Jeremy Clarkson is less than pleased with how things have turned out. (Jalopnik)

I’m going to steal this next link right from under Jackie. Chuck is back before its season four premiere with a pair of webisodes starring Jeff and Lester about the new Halo game. (IGN)

We’ve all heard about the phrase “Jump the Shark” but some poor guy has had to live with the stigma of writing that episode. Now that man is telling his story. (LA Times)

Here’s a story for American readers. Here’s how much you cable channels cost your cable or satellite provider. (All Things Digital)

Since we’ve covered so much about video games today, why don’t you check out this list of the 50 best video game easter eggs ever. (Complex)

Ever wonder what Star Wars would look like if it was illustrated like Winnie the Pooh? Wonder no more. (Boing Boing)

ESPN had a little fun with their Ole Miss football promo and played up the Admiral Ackbar angle. It’s not a trap!

Oh and here’s the return of Powerthirst. For people who need GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF ENERGY!

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