Lowdown BlogCast Classic: September 16, 2008

With frosh week officially kicking off yesterday at UWO, I thought it was appropriate to bust out this classic Lowdown radio show episode. The show starts with Steve and Jackie discussing sports as the show gets out of the block backwards. Talk moves on to the news with the beginning of our infamous “I was on the internet this week” gags. The news includes a man who robbed a 7-Eleven with a unique getaway vehicle and a Muslim man with 86 wives. In the entertainment news, the guys look at McFly’s and Metallica’s new singles in the short-lived duelling singles of the week and look at some of the TV premieres that were upcoming. The feature interview was a look at political spin with award-winning author and politics journalist Judah Freed. That’s appropriate now with the possibility of an upcoming federal election. The show wraps up with Steve touring buildings on the UWO campus that frosh weren’t likely to go to including the Law Building, the D.B. Wheldon Library, the Ivey Business School, and the Thompson Engineering Building. He even managed to get a sneak peak at the then under construction Campus Recreation Centre.

Click here to download the 10 MB podcast version.
Click here to download the 26 MB high-quality version.


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