Wednesday Link-Off: Baseballing

The Miss Universe pageant was earlier this week so let’s kick off with the winner Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete.

The big story of the week is that the financial statements of some MLB teams were leaked. Not surprisingly, even without a cap, everyone’s profitable. (Biz of Baseball)

In other baseballness, here’s a list of the top ten fictional home runs of all-time. (ESPN) Yes that Jeter one is on there too.

Looking for an athlete to follow on Twitter? Might I suggest someone from this list of lesser known athletes who are worth a follow. (Steady Burn) Personally, I’ll recommend The Iron Sheik.

After the jump, karma bites Mariotti, details on The Force Unleashed 2, and a new Slap Shot trailer recut.

I’ll take karma for 1000, Alex. ESPN talking head Jay Mariotti was involved in a domestic dispute and will likely be kicked off ESPN. (Deadspin)

So the Bills just passed through Toronto for their pre-season shindig. The only problem is that Rogers is getting hosed on this deal because they’re hosing the paying customers. So much for the NFL in Toronto. (National Post)

Good news: The next edition of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is looking good. The only problem is that I’m going to be broke if I buy all the good games still not in my collection. (Kotaku)

In other gaming news, the new Medal of Honor game won’t be changed because of pressure from politicians. (Develop)

Ever hear older folks say 40 is the new 30? Well, they’re sorta onto something. Folks are saving their experimenting for their 20s instead of teens. (NY Times) I like this article and not just because it speaks to my condition.

We’ve got some lists to wrap this one up. First, it’s the ten most influential sports shows in TV history. (Fang’s Bites)

Seeing as we love video games, we have to run this one. It’s the 50 worst ways to die in a video game. (UGO)

Here are the twelve heaviest drinkers that you can find on TV. (Guyism)

And finally, the nine defunct sports venues that we’d better off still having around. Included, one future grocery store. (Total Pro Sports)

Sadly, I can’t embed this video so you’ll just have to click through. It’s Winnipeg’s mayor kicking a kid in the face… During a soccer game… Damn lawyers making me add that clarification. (Deadspin)

We’ve seen all sorts of Inception-based trailers for other movies but none so great as this. It’s Slap Shot done Inception-style.

I really wanted to give Ken Block’s third gymkhana video its own post but Part 1 wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

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