Sunday Link-Off: Men of the Match

Kicking off today’s SLO is the Erin Andrews World Tour. EA may not have won Strictly Come Sequins but she’s winning the publicity war.

Normally, I would start with a World Cup link but this one is too good to pass up. Our boy Patrick “20 Cent” Kane had a little fun at the Blackhawks championship parade. It’s a good thing the cops weren’t handing out public intoxication tickets. (Deadspin)

And back to regular service. The biggest story after two days of the World Cup are the vuvuzelas. They’re those goddamn horns that won’t shut up. Maybe FIFA should step in now. (Dan Patrick Show)

Want to sound like you know more about soccer than you actually do? Here’s a glossary of eight terms to make you sound like you know something. (Sports Pickle)

After the jump, lots more World Cup links, a baseball manager goes insane, and people love their Hawks.

Looking for a jersey (sorry, kit) to wear to work? Pick from this World Cup uniform power ranking. (Randall Simon’s Sausages)

Maybe you’d rather pick the jersey of a team you like. Don’t worry. There’s a ranking of teams by likeability too. (SB Nation) And I like where Portugal ended up.

Suppose you’re not really interested in the soccer. Maybe you just want to hit the pub and drink. We have you covered for that eventuality too. (Lion’s Den U)

Now that they’ve got a Super Bowl coming in four years, the battle over the new Giants Stadium is heating. And one of the contenders is oddly appropriate. (Sparty and Friends)

E3 is kicking off on Monday but here’s a preview of a game that I’m looking forward to. Coming this fall is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. (IGN)

In a fun bit of randominity, here’s the real names of 22 fictional characters whose names you probably don’t know. (Mental Floss)

Today’s moment of ridiculousness: The New York Times banned the word “tweet.” Just another signed of how the print media is slowly killing itself. (The Awl)

Let’s start today’s galleries with a video gallery for you. An online gambling site in Austria has been running some… nostalgic World Cup ads. (Deadspin)

And today’s photo gallery is a British tabloid’s choice for the top XI English World Cup football WAGs. (The Daily Mirror) Too bad the players won’t actually be seeing their WAGs for the next month.

Today’s first video we can’t embed so we’ll link it. It’s an uncensored look at a minor league baseball manager in the midst of an epic tirade. (Playing for Peanuts)

Now there’s been a some debate over the Chicago Blackhawks’ goal song, Chelsea Dagger. Fortunately, it’s been put to good use in what I’m dubbing their new fight song.

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