Entertainment Link-Off: Get Over Here!

Let’s do the time warp again! With a pair of 80s reboots, Hollywood has certainly hit its stride in creativity this weekend at the box office. While all the kids are lining up for The Karate Kid remake (which is suprisingly borderline fresh), the rest of us will take a look at The A-Team (which is borderline rotten). If the film has Jessica Biel in it, then it’s probably worth checking out. How bad could it be?

After the jump Darth Vader has mental health problems, Russell Brand has an interesting choice of films, The CW is desperate for attention, some Transformers stuff, Jeremy Roenick is a class act and some Mortal Kombat stuff to please most fanboys out there.

As if Darth Vader didn’t have enough demons to deal with, it appears he may have been suffering from a mental illness as well. (Moviefone)

The Lost finale ended a little while ago and left fans with mixed feelings. Those who are still unsatisfied might be looking forward to that additional ‘epilogue’ in the DVD set as teased by Michael ‘Ben Linus’ Emerson. Well, Hurley… I mean Jorge Garcia spilled the beans on what you can expect when you get your hands on the DVDs in August. (E! Online)

The Big Bang Theory is a major comedy hit on TV right now, but not everything was hunky dory with the geeky comedy. In fact, the original pilot wasn’t all that great and you can go see for yourself! (Movieline) On second thought, despite the ‘fixes’, I’m still not a fan of the current show.

This article stole the words right out of my mouth. Glee doesn’t need new characters, they already got more than enough! Please give Shaft (Matt) and Other Asian (Mike) more to work with on the show!!! (Movieline)

There is no way The CW has a shot at winning Emmys, but that has never stopped them from making futile attempts to get some nods. (Deadline)

Speaking of The CW, they’re probably kicking themselves right now as another ABC Family show managed to beat their current programming. What makes it worse is that they passed on the pilot of this show and it landed safely in the hands on the cable network. Alright people, let’s just point and laugh at the C-Dub. (The TV Addict)

NBC isn’t faring any better either. The late night disaster between Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno also put a huge dent into Jimmy Fallon’s ratings and now he’s getting beaten by both Jimmy Kimmel and Craig Ferguson. Can someone say ‘uh oh’? (NY Post)

Now there have been many complaints about how 3D movies can make people sick due to all that visual mumble jumble. However, 3D glasses can also make you sick and it might not be from an expected source… (CHUD)

Russell Brand recently revealed his top 5 favourite films and unlike anyone RT has spoke to before, one of the films on his list is rather… umm… unique. (Rotten Tomatoes)

Before we all go out to see The Karate Kid, let’s take a look back at the genius of action star Jackie Chan. (Slate)

The Chinese can finally breathe a sigh of relift. Thanks to the financial turmoil of MGM, the biggest sinophobic film to hit the big screens this winter might not make it to a theatre near you! (Slashfilm)

It looks like Transformers 3 will be Michael Bay’s last effort in the franchise and he tells us to expect an awesome epic ending. I’ll take that with a grain of salt. Anyway he also reveals the big bad of the next film and it should please many fans out there. (USA Today)

Well all know that Michael Bay’s forté has always been to blow stuff up. It looks like the filming of Transformers 3 might have hit a bit of a roadblock in Washington. (Washington Post)

It’s time for a series for first looks! There’s The Green Hornet, Transformers 3 and Thundercats! (Comic Book Movie)

And of course, confirmation on the Captain America and Thor logos. (Comic Book Movie)

For those excited about the release of Thor, ET has a 4 minute feature on the set of the film. (Entertainment Tonight)

Last week featured some awesome Scott Pilgrim clips, this week, it’s time for the one-sheets to pop up! (JoBlo)

By now we all know why Les Grossman was at the MTV Movie Awards. Sure, he jump started Tom Cruise’s career and was definitely one of the highlights of Tropic Thunder, but the real reason behind the sudden reappearance of the profane exec is because he’s getting a movie of his own. (Slashfilm)

Mr. T pities the fool that decided to remake The A-Team… or not. (National Post)

The third Mortal Kombat film has been sitting in development hell for many many years, and recently WB is looking to reboot the franchise. A 7+ minute clip surfaced mysteriously on the web and massive amount of buzz came out of it. In fact, the video on Youtube is now nearing 3 million views! The clip does look pretty good and I like where this film is heading. It’s definitely something to look forward to if the film ever gets greenlit. (Latino Review)

Of course, not all fans were pleased as the ‘mysticism’ of the MK universe was missing in the clip. Think about it, with a budget of $7500, what do you expect? Anyway, here’s a nice interview with director Kevin Tancharoen about the making of the clip and where he intends on taking this MK film. It’s a good read. (Collider)

Take a look at the clip below! Some images are a bit graphic, so possiblly NSFW.


Ever wonder what happened to the original Karate Kid Ralph Macchio? Well this latest mockumentary will answer all your questions.

And let’s end this with a non-entertainment post. Once again congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks for winning the Stanley Cup! It’s a win-win situation for us all. Not only do the Blackhawks get to end that Cup drought, the Leafs are now the team with the longest stretch without a cup! The entire hockey world can now point and laugh at the centre of the universe. Anyway, I would also like to point out that I have correctly predicted the correct winner of the Stanley Cup again, so that makes it 6 straight Cup winners! Woohoo!

One of the many people rooting for the Blackhawks was former NHLer and currently hockey commentator Jeremy Roenick. As JR watched the 2010 squad hoist the franchise’s first Cup in 49 years, he remembered how he was there in 1992, only to be swept in four games by the Pittsburgh Penguins. With his bottom lip quivering and barely holding back tears, I couldn’t help but feel bad to see that he has never won the prized trophy himself. JR is always a class act. We need more guys like him in the NHL. Unfortunately, the wonderful moment was killed by Mike Millbury with a slap on JR’s shoulders and stating that he never won the cup himself.



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