Wednesday Link-Off: Hello, Goodbye

After a long absense from these pages, here’s Blake Lively to kick off today’s linkdump.

For the third year running, Drew Magary gives his message to the graduating class of 2010. (Deadspin)

As the playoffs wind down, it’s only appropriate that we look at how we get some of the toothless wonders in hockey. (Globe & Mail)

Canadian TV channel Amour doesn’t try hard to hide how good the acting is in its programming. (Warming Glow)

After the jump, Buzz’s revenge, Sager’s suits, and vote for Dale or else.

Buzz Bissinger is back in the headlines of the blogosphere. He’s picked another fight with a blogger. (Bob’s Blitz) Still, Bob got off light compared to Will Leitch.

And Bob got off lighter than the anonymous NFLer that’s spilling the beans on the NFL’s recreational drug policy will. If his identity is revealed, someone will headhunt him. (NY Daily News)

One more hockey link. Here’s a look at the history behind the Zamboni. (Mental Floss)

Well, the Sharks are bound for an inevitable collapse sometime this post-season. The good news is that GM Doug Wilson’s daughter should be in town at some point in time. (Slanch Report)

Speaking of Miss USA, Miss Michigan won the crown. Interestingly, she’s Arab. So what does that mean in a post-9/11 America? (NBC New York)

Ferrari has a new indoor amusement park opening soon in Abu Dhabi. At the very least, you have to say it’s an interesting looking complex. I give it six months before it shuts down. (Top Gear)

It’s another two photo gallery LO. First, it’s 25 of the greatest photos from nerd weddings. I have to go to one of these in my lifetime. (Manofest) (Some site content may be NSFW.)

In Canada, Don Cherry is the unquestioned lord and master of fashion crime. In the States, they have TNT’s Craig Sager. (Sports Illustrated)

Rally drivers are some of the best wheelmen in the world. This guy can do 100 mph on dirt and still see a guy mooning him on the side of the road. (NSFW language)

I’m not a fan of politics but I’m willing to move down to Alabama just to vote for this man.


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