Wednesday Link-Off: Governmental Interference

In honour of last night’s Lowdown radio show that covered summer movie blockbusters, here’s Scarlett Johansson. While we’re here, don’t forget to check out our new Facebook page.

The gang over at LDU are helping out the Ontario education system. They’ve got 7 sex myths that you’ll never learn in school and probably wouldn’t learn until it’s too late. (Probably NSFW) (Lion’s Den U)

Apple is by no means bitter about losing their iPhone 4G prototype and having it turn up in Gizmodo’s hands. That’s why they dispatched the San Mateo PD to layeth the smacketh down on editor Jason Chen. (Gizmodo)

Ever want to throw an octopus on the ice at a playoff game, here’s the how to guide on Detroit’s greatest tradition. (Puck Daddy)

After the jump, scads of baseball links, another legendary Biden speech, and The Beatles meet The Zombies.

US Vice President Joe Biden is just one of guys. He proved this yet again by taking a pot shot at Rich Rodriguez for bolting to Michigan in the middle of the memorial service for the coalminers. (The New Republic)

Have you bought your new Tim Tebow Denver Broncos jersey? No? Well, make sure that you get the right number if you cheap out and get it on eBay. (CNBC)

Is Big Ben really a giant douche or a misunderstood artist? (Deadspin) Yeah, he’s definitely a douche.

Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard signed a ridiculous contract extension. Hey, Ryan, since I’m sure your agent has you on Google Alerts, can I get one game’s salary a year for the rest of your career? That’ll be up to $154,000 at the top of his deal. (New Yorker)

Speaking of baseball, the last place you want to watch a game is at Miller Park in Milwaukee. You’re likely to end up badly injured on a good day. (Deadspin)

And it’s bad enough that baseball is struggling with smart personnel decisions and stadium safety, now they’re cracking down on Twitter usage by players and writers. (Hardball Talk)

Good news: The NHL could be heading back to ESPN. As long as there’s an outside chance of it happening, they’ll be featured on SportsCenter. (Media Week)

Coming soon to our Worst of Music winners list is Shakira’s World Cup 2010 anthem. I never thought I’d say this but this writer’s right. I miss Ricky Martin. (Fanhouse)

Lost your job in the economic crisis? You’re best to find your way to the pole. (NBC WBBH)

Today, I’ve got a photo/video gallery hybrid for you. It’s 20 of the greatest YouTube videos involving cars to celebrate YouTube’s fifth birthday. (Top Gear)

And along that note, it’s pictures and videos of some of the greatest wrestling gaffes of all time. (Banned In Hollywood)

The greatest movie to never happen: The Beatles in A Hard Day’s Night of the Living Dead.

Duncan Keith doesn’t take kindly to your trash talking.


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