Lowdown Radio Classic: April 1, 2008

For this week’s Lowdown classic, we present to you the original Lowdown April Fools’ episode. The episode starts with the boys talking about the show’s new syndication deal in Lauenberg, Germany. That’s followed up with Jackie’s interview with the head coordinator of UWO’s ATTAC Life program. However, that interview is a point of contention between the boys. The news is next with Steve talking about the UWO USC ban on cigarette sales on-campus and The Gazette spoof issue. After the break, it’s the Adventures of Steve and Rich as the UWO USC President-Elect takes the UWO Board of Governors member for a night on the town. Our Steve then takes the opportunity to talk hockey and the Maple Leafs season. After another break is the debut of Steve’s very first album which he follows with a live performance. Well, that was the plan for the show. It didn’t go quite as smoothly as that description makes it sound. You’ll just have to listen to find out how badly things went. And if you thought the censors didn’t like the most recent episode of The Lowdown, the censored version of this episode had some 30 bleeped profanities. However, this download isn’t the censored version. It’s the completely uncensored version with no bleeps, just insanity.

Click here to download the 10 MB podcast version.
Click here to download the 26 MB high-quality version.


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