Wednesday Link-Off: It’s A Fight

The Golden Globes were last weekend. Speaking of golden globes, here’s Christina Hendricks.

People visit emergency rooms for such random reasons. God help America. (Deadspin)

Jim Nantz and CBS are bringing you the latest from disaster riddled Haitia. (The Sporting Blog)

The Irish love to fight. They don’t even have to be drunk to have a proper brawl in the middle of a field. Wait, it was a soccer game? Did they think they were hockey players? (Unprofessional Foul)

After the jump, hockey fights in Canada, rickrolling God, and Brett Favre forgot his belt so his pants hit the ground.

Do you have a spare quarter-of-a-million dollars? Then you can get this realistic driving simulator that Formula One teams use. (F1 Fanatic)

The NHL is having some serious officiating troubles. (Puck Daddy)

Patrice Cormier: Canadian hero and Patrick Roy’s best student. (Deadspin)

Mind you, hockey and the NHL have bigger problems that officiating and violence. (Youth Noise)

EA Sports is really planning on making the game be in the game on XBox Live. (The Sporting Blog)

Speaking of EA Sports, they not only taught me how to be a good radio sports commentator but they can teach you how to be a good football coach. (Sporting Madness)

A British Christian TV station is used to getting pranked but even they let some through sometimes. (Huffington Post)

Today’s first photo gallery is the 99 Most Desirable Women of 2010 list that came out yesterday. (Ask Men) Can’t complain about #1 too much for national pride reasons but I voted for Lively. She was hosed.

Our second photo gallery today is from our pals at Lion’s Den University. It’s celebrity hotties gobbling food. (Lion’s Den U)

Brett Favre watches American Idol and the world is worse for it. Mind you, as long as he keeps making an idiot of himself, it’s all good.

Another short football video. This time, it’s Peyton Manning very vocally expressing his displeasure with Dallas Clark over missing a block.

Ken Block’s insanity and Top Gear cinematography combine in an epic video.

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