Wednesday Link-Off

Here’s Ashley Greene. She’s in some movie that teenage & university girls like. Guys, don’t say I never help.

This Saturday is national semi-final Saturday in Canadian university football. Before the game, here’s a great story about the fans of the nation’s best team, the Laval Rouge et Or. (French: Le Soleil, English: Google Translate)

If the NFL is more your football speed, maybe you’d like this comparison of all 32 NFL teams to pop stars. (National Lampoon)

You and your beer swilling friends aren’t the only ones obsessed with fantasy football. Beer swilling senior citizens are just as good as you. (Deadspin)

After the jump, more sports links, overheard at my alma mater, and the greatest Twilight spoof ever.

Here’s the definition of irony: The Toronto Star sends an internal memo saying they won’t need the editing staff anymore. What do they do? Edit the hell out of the memo. (Torontoist)

How do you screw with a major international movie rental chain? Don’t return their DVDs and engage in a long, pointless and hilarious series of emails. (27b/6)

Another football link for you. If you thought that the insurance companies and stock brokers and tax men were the only ones involved in shady math, think again. NFL teams trying to get their games on TV are up to worse tricks. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

I promise, this is the last football link of the day. Here are the ten best jobs in football for normal folks. I was actually #9 for the Western Mustangs. (Gunaxin)

A while back, I did a post examining if the NHL’s drug testing policy was a joke. Well, the guys that get paid to do stuff at the Wall Street Journal came up with an answer by comparing 22 different sports drug testing policies. (Wall Street Journal)

Though, if the NHL wants to drug test people, it might want to think about testing Pittsburgh Penguins fans. Some of the worship images they have of the players… Well, you have to see for yourself. (DC Sports Bog)

If you’re interested, Top Gear’s producer looks ahead at the shows 14th season. (Top Gear)

To hell with the LTC strike that’s brought London to a halt, this list of random stuff that people overhear is far more interesting. (Lion’s Den University)

Today’s photo gallery is a look at some of the craziest animals in the world as seen on the BBC’s latest nature program. (Daily Telegraph)

The next part of the Twilight series is premiering this week (Friday to be exact). Here’s all the sensibility that you need regarding this craze in one easy-to-handle 90 second dose. My sister says the acting in this spoof is better than the movie.

On Saturday, I had a video of a $1 Million Bugatti Veyron being pulled from the water. Today, it’s a video of that Bugatti Veyron driving into the water.

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