Saturday Link-Off: Big Winners

nicole-kidman-cma09-1I’m a late call-up to drop the links today. Making her first appearance on the blog, here’s Nicole Kidman.

We all think that the NHL just hands out suspensions randomly. We know that’s how they do it in the OHL. But the NHL does have a very scientific method to dole out punishment. (Down Goes Brown)

Speaking of hockey suspensions, a minor league coach was suspended indefinitely for one of the best tirades of all time. This man should be given a medal for his performance. (Deadspin)

One last hockey(-ish) link: There’s hockey and Canadian content in this competition to find the worst jersey in the history of North American sports. (Uni Watch)

After the jump, lots of car stuff, sports fan protests, and some photo gallery.

Top Gear is back tonight for season 14. It’s on at 9:00 GMT which means that you won’t have means to watch it in North America until past 6:00 EST. If you have to know what’s on tonight’s show, here’s a behind the scenes look at this episode. (Top Gear)

DOWN GOES LENO! SpongeBob’s 10 Anniversary special gets more viewers and better 18-49 numbers than The Jay Leno Show. (Warming Glow)

They haven’t announced the winner of any real MLB awards yet but we read a hot tip about the winner of the Cy Young. Hint: He plays for the Yankees but it’s not who you think. (Sports Pickle)

Before we head into the weekend slate of NFL games, maybe you should check out this comparison of all 32 starting quarterbacks to an MLB pitcher. (Pigskin Doctors)

I mentioned a while back that Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder banned signs from the team’s games. Well, Redskins fans figured if they can’t bring signs to home games, they’d take their act on the road. (DC Sports Bog)

Of course, the Redskins fan revolution is just one of several fan protests in the history of professional sports. Here’s a look at the Top 10 of all-time. (Mental Floss)

Dwayne Wade had the dunk of the year on Thursday. I don’t know who’s more excited, Dwayne, the crowd or TNT’s Marv Albert. (The Big Lead)

This is probably my favourite article of the week. A look at the 10 weirdest physics facts out there. (Daily Telegraph)

Big business is trying another ridiculous takeover attempt. Business now own, whether through association or trademark, colours. (Six Revisions)

Sean Hannity might be a conservative lunatic but he can’t let a funny shot from Jon Stewart go without firing a good one right back. (Detroit Free Press)

Speaking of lunatics, here’s all you ever (and never) needed to know about people dressed up in animal costumes. (BBC)

Today’s photo gallery is a look at the Top 10 hottest celebrity sports fans. Most of their choices are dubious but #1 is absolutely right. (Bleacher Report)

It took one guy about 110 days to create a fully CGI car video that looks better than most CGI work in the movies. I’m impressed. Where was the effort, George Lucas?

This car video is slightly less glamorous but a lot more expensive. A $1 million Bugatti Veyron finds the drink. Oh, the humanity.

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