Wednesday Link-Off: Simply The Best

kim-cloutier-si09-03Kim Cloutier may not have been one of the most searched women on the internet this year but it’s only a matter of time. Did I mention she’s Canadian?

The most searched for woman on the internet is… And, prepare for a shock when you see who it is. (Asylum)

And the most liked sports figure in America is… (Forbes)

And the best hoaxes in the world of college football are… (Rumors & Rants)

After the jump, it all goes downhill. There’s the almost here Windows 7, hotel sign failures, and a previewing a future Lowdown radio commercial.

Looking for a new roadster to scare the kids on Halloween? I’d suggest this one. (Top Gear)

An ex-NHLer claims that the league has an anti-francophone bias. Hell, he’d have a tough time making that one stick to Don Cherry. However, that guy couldn’t be more wrong. (

It’s the biggest week in Microsoft’s history. The quality of Windows 7 could make or break Microsoft’s reputation after the abortion that was Vista. (BBC)

And before you run out an get an upgrade to 7, here’s a review that will make everyone regret ever getting Vista in the first place… And make us hate Microsoft even more for not waiting the two years to develop a decent O/S. (Daily Telegraph)

Don’t mess with Clint Eastwood. If you mock his soccer playing abilities, he’ll beat you to death with his umbrella… If you’re lucky, punk. (Dirty Tackle)

After watching their Titans get crushed 59-0 by the New England Patriots, the people of Tennessee were crushed again when they saw their pizza coupons. (Fantasy Football Forecast)

The Yankees lost Game Three because A-Rod didn’t slap Jeter’s ass so much as grope it. So you don’t make the same mistake, here’s the ten commandments of ass slapping. (Hail Mary Jane)

The blogosphere’s best friend Buzz Bissinger says that the playoffs have proved that Moneyball is dead. If only that movie would die too. (The New Republic)

Everyone is complaining about The Jay Leno Show being bad for scripted programming on TV but it has an effect closer to home. NBC’s local newscasts are seeing their ratings drop from the “Leno Effect.” (LA Times)

Today’s photo gallery is an exhibition of gratuitous signs and English language fail. That’s what you get for going to low rent foreign hotels. (Daily Telegraph)

So does anyone else think we should play this during an episode of the radio show?

How bad are the Oakland Raiders? Their latest signing is fast but small and can really work coverage schemes.

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