Lowdown Radio Classic: November 27, 2007

It’s another classic Lowdown radio episode. This interview probably put us on the map as the best interviewing show on CHRW. On this vintage episode, Steve talks to former Western Mustangs defenseman Greg DeFelice who tells some great stories of his days with Mustangs hockey in the 80s and playing with Wayne Gretzky. First, though, the guys discuss the infamous 2007 salmonella outbreak at Western. In entertainment, Steve and Jackie debate the merits of a love song by a guy that has a really high-pitched voice compared to Barry White. Jackie reviews the Disney movie Enchanted starring Amy Adams. After the commercial, Steve and Jackie debate the merits of a proposed ban on selling cigarettes on the UWO campus. (In case you were interested, the student union banned the sale of cigarettes based on 55% voting in favour from a 20% voter turnout.) And we wrap up the show with their first time playing Oddsmakers.

Click here for the 10 MB podcast version.
Click here for the 37 MB high-quality version.


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