Monday Night Raw Live Blog – September 7, 2009

WWE’s Monday Night Raw comes live tonight from Chicago. The big news heading into tonight’s event is that coming on down to Raw tonight is guest host Bob Barker. The greatest game show host of all time will try his hand at hosting the bitter contestants on Monday Night Raw. Will someone leave Raw with a new car? Will someone leave Raw with some new gold? Only time will tell.

We’ll be live blogging tonight’s edition of Raw starting at 9:00PM with the preview show. Raw itself kicks off at 9:15PM.

9:00 PM – Not only did I miss what the top episode of Star Trek as voted by the fans was but I miss who the host is for tonight’s Raw Countdown on The Score. Never mind. The top Star Trek episode is Mirror, Mirror.

9:05 PM –They open the recap show with Legacy beating down John Cena and DX. Then Orton delivers an RKO on Dusty Rhodes. I find it an irony that The Marine star John Cena was beat down by The Marine 2 star Ted DiBiase Jr. I’m sure TM2 will suck worse than the first.

9:09 PM –They’re showing a clip from The Score’s vintage WWE show. It’s Hogan vs. Savage from the late 80’s. Sounds like Tony Shiavone and Lord Alfred Hayes on commentary.

9:12 PM –Predictions for tonight: 1) Someone will say “The price is wrong” or some variation of that. 2) People will play for cash in prizes in a TPIR knock-off. 3) There will be some mention of someone being spayed or neutered.

9:15 PM –Howard Finkel is tonight’s announcer for Price is Raw. Here’s the star: Bob Barker. Complete with classic TPIR theme and microphone.

9:17 PM – The crowd loves Bob. Who doesn’t? Bob says we’re really going to party tonight.

9:20 PM –We’re going to play some pricing games. Coming down to contestants row are Santino Marella, Jillian Hall, Irwin R. Shyster, and Chris Jericho.

9:22 PM – The first prize is a SmackDown 10th Anniversary DVD. Santino tries to buy a vowel and Bob says he’s been bodyslammed too many times. Santino bids $1465.

9:24 PM – Jillian bids $75 after singing. IRS asks if the bids includes taxes and debates taxes with Bob. Then he bids $50. Jericho decided not to bid and walked up on to stage.

9:26 PM – Jericho stares down Barker and demands that he shows respect. Jericho demands that Bob calls him “Mr. Jericho.” Jericho says he’s one half of the- And Bob cuts him off and says his bid is one dollar. The actual retail price is $18.99 and Jericho goes to the ring.

9:28 PM – If Jericho beats his opponent tonight, he will win a trip to Hawaii. His opponent is MVP. Lilian Garcia, who was slightly conspicuous by her absence, announces MVP as he comes to the ring.

9:30 PM – In OUA football news, Windsor beat York 17-14. Must be the closest that York has come to a win since the last time they beat U of T.

9:31 PM – Jericho in control to start the match. Tries a springboard dropkick but misses the mark and flies out of the ring.

9:35 PM – We’re back and Jericho is in control. And is it just me or does The Score need to hire new producers? I mean, they hire Laura Diakun who’s reasonably attractive but about as enthusiatic about sports as I am about a trip to my proctologist.

9:39 PM – Finish comes when MVP goes for the Playmaker, Jericho counters and looks for the Codebreaker. MVP pushes him off and gets the jacknife pin for the win. That means Jericho won’t be going to Hawaii.

9:41 PM – They’re running a recap of Dusty Rhodes on Raw last week so I’m going to flip over to Star Trek. How can Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, and Uhura escape the evil parallel universe?

9:42 PM – Tonight, Cody Rhodes will take on John Cena. I guess they won’t be bidding for a fantastic prize.

9:45 PM – Leonard Nimoy’s stunt double in Mirror, Mirror had curly hair. Maybe improving the picture quality with remastered episodes wasn’t such a great idea.

9:47 PM – We’re back on The Price is Raw. I wonder if any sponsors will have their products on contestants row.

9:49 PM – Bob is in the back with Kelly Kelly talking about his book and how proceeds go to the DJ&T Foundation. I think Bob said it subsidizes spaying and neutering of animals.

9:51 PM – DX shows up. HHH mentions Happy Gilmore and says “The price is wrong” before Michaels cuts him off. The WWE is PG now. Anyway, they spun the wheel for opponents tonight, though the wheel is electronic and controlled by a button. Michaels draws Chris Masters and H draws Randy Orton… Again. God help us.

9:55 PM – Chavo Guerrero is in the ring. If he wins his match, he’ll win a Chevy Corvette. By the way, the Barker’s beauties are twins. His opponent is Evan Bourne.

9:58 PM – Back to Star Trek, the Deep Space Nine episode Trial and Tribble-ations using the closing scene from Mirror, Mirror. Instead of Kirk’s alternate universe girlfriend as the yeoman, it’s Ben Sisko. The rest of the episode uses footage from the original episode The Trouble with Tribbles.

10:00 PM – I flip back to Raw and Chavo does an Eddie Guerrero style dance and hits the Three Amigos (three straight vertical suplexes). Hornswoggle comes into the ring to distract Chavo. This allows Bourne to roll up Chavo for the win. So far, it’s 0-for-2 in pricing games.

10:02 PM – John Cena is walking through the back. He’ll face Rhodes after the break. Hmm… Cena vs. Rhodes or the original Star Trek pilot?

10:05 PM – Fun Trek Fact: Majel Barrett played Nurse Chappel in the original series as well as some of the movies. She also played Deanna Troy’s mother in TNG. She was also the computer voice in all series and some movies. However, her character in the original pilot, Number One, was one of the worst testing characters among focus groups in Star Trek history according to William Shatner.

10:08 PM – The Chicago White Sox are at Raw tonight. Cody Rhodes is in the ring cutting a promo. He talks about how his loyalties lie with Randy Orton because Orton made him a main-eventer.

10:10 PM – Cena’s reception is mixed. Jermaine Dye is not impressed along with a number of fans in the upper deck camera that WWE was using for the entrance.

10:12 PM – Laura Diakun must read my blog because she was smiling occasionally during her last spot. It was a reminder that they’re replaying the WWE classics show on Wednesday at 10:00 PM.

10: 17 PM – Rhodes is currently in control of Cena. He’s promised to make Cena tap out but hasn’t attempted any submission holds.

10:19 PM – Rhodes applies his first submission hold which was a combination hammerlock and chinlock. Now he has an armbar locked in. Cena easily powers out of both.

10:22 PM – Rhodes goes for the figure-four but Cena blocks into the STF. Orton runs in, Cena with a drop toe hold, the ref calls for the bell, and Orton runs out. Cena gives Rhodes the Attitude Adjustment. Cena is announced as the winner by DQ even though Orton never touched him. Bogus application of the rule.

10:28 PM – Bob is back on stage! The White Sox are excited. The next contestent is AJ Pierzynski. He has a pretty mixed reaction. Cubs fans are in the house.

10:31 PM – The next prize is a WrestleMania 26 travel package with a floor seat, souvenir chair, Hall of Fame ticket, and more. AJ bids $1000. IRS goes with $2000. Jillian sings $5000. And Santino caps it off with “What is $1200?” The actual retail price is $1247. Santino does a dance and hugs Bob.

10:33 PM – Santino charges to the ring. He’ll be wrestling for a hot tub. He asks if the twins come with the hot tub. Bob says “Absolutely not. This is a family show.” It’s a classic body slam challenge. Santino must body slam his opponent before he is slammed to win. His opponent is the near 500-pound The Big Show.

10:36 PM – Santino tries but hurts his back. Show slams him easily. Bob says he thought it wouldn’t go so well for Santino. So he’s going to try another body slam contest. This one will be Show against Mark Henry. But first, a commercial break.

10:39 PM – Random thought: Am I the only one disappointed that Showcase moved House to midnight from 11:00 PM? Now I’m only going to be able to watch House on Mondays on FOX. The joys of having a 9-to-5.

10:44 PM – Anyway, Henry and Show go back and forth for a bit. Show fails to slam Henry and the World’s Strongest Man turns the tables and gets the slam.

10:48 PM – Josh Matthews is in the back having a sit down interview with Bob Barker. Josh asks what the most memorable moment he had. Bob tells the story about the woman in the tube top. As Bob loves to say “She came on down, they came on out.” He then tells stories of TPIR injuries. And they plug Bob’s book Priceless Memories. I know I’ll be buying it sometime soon.

10:52 PM – Next week’s guest host is Trish Stratus. I love Trish but I’m not going to live blog to episodes of Raw in a row. Actually, I think I’m going to take an extended break from live blogging Raw after this show. Anyway, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are in the ring plugging Sunday’s pay-per-view coming to you live from Montreal.

10:56 PM – Bob is in the back. Chavo storms in claiming he was cheated. He demands the Corvette. Chavo asks if Bob being trained by Chuck Norris makes him cool. Bob says that the most important element isn’t size but surprize. He quickly takes out Chavo. Then he thanks everyone for joining him tonight and reminds you to help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.

11:00 PM – We come back from commercial to one last plug for Bob’s autobiography Priceless Memories. DX comes to the ring to face Randy Orton and Chris Masters as the big wheel determined earlier in the show.

11:04 PM – DX does their shtick. I don’t understand how they can’t say “bitch” to stay PG but they can invite people to suck it.

11:07 PM – Masters and Orton make their way to the ring separately. I know why Orton is here but how the hell does Masters end up here?

11:08 PM – I was wrong about The Score’s Laura Diakun. She’s enthusiastic about everything but wrestling and boxing. She’s still lightyears ahead of Greg Sansone. I don’t think they even wake him up for his WWE hosting duties. You know, I think I’d be good at that.

11:21 PM – Michaels plays the face in peril for most of the match. HHH makes the comeback for his team. HBK tunes up the band but misses. Masters locks in the full nelson on HBK but H breaks it up. HBK hits Sweet Chin Music and locks in the figure-four for the win.

11:23 PM – Legacy helps Orton bail after the match. DX chases DiBiase and Rhodes down the aisle and into the back where they proceed with a massive beatdown on Legacy. The wrestling law of reverse momentum would seem to favour Legacy heading into Breaking Point.

11:27 PM – Orton is in the ring. He says that Legacy will beat DX at Breaking Point. He then says he will retain the WWE Title. John Cena comes down to the ring. He pounces on Orton until Orton is able to turn the tables with a DDT. Orton hits the RKO on the chair to end the show.

I’ve live-blogged a few episodes of Raw now and this has been my favourite. The wrestling was pretty good but not spectacular. Probably the best I’ve seen outside a pay-per-view for a while. Bob Barker absolutely owned as the host. Not that it should come as a surprise. He’s been hosting TV shows for over a half-century and Raw was just another one of those shows. It was Bob Barker at his Star Trek prime but he still made this show. At times, it even felt like the Price is Right.

If I were to give this show a rating, I’d call it 8/10. Remember to help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered. Goodbye everybody.


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