Lowdown Radio Classic – November 25, 2008

The other day, I mentioned the Elbow song Grounds for Divorce on my Twitter. That inspired me to post this classic episode of The Lowdown radio show. This episode uses that song as a sort of theme song for our in-depth test of three energy drinks to help you study. This episode also happens to be one of my favourites and is on my Top 5 list of all-time great episodes of The Lowdown.

On this episode, I examine the UWO sales pitch at Fall Preview Day. We try to fix Queen’s Homecoming. Then I commandeer Jackie’s attempt to give real exam tips by trying to figure out which energy drink is best for pulling all-nighters. When Jackie regains control, he drags me along to find good study spots on campus. It’s a classic half-hour of fun and insanity that only The Lowdown can bring you.

Click here to download the 10 MB podcast version.
Click here to download the 26 MB high-quality version.


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