Saturday Link-Off: All About The Money

isla-fisher-03Change in programming today. I’m here and Jackie will be back tomorrow. Anyway, Bruno may have been an absolute box office bomb but Isla Fisher is the only reason that SBC still wins.

We all know the Monopoly rule: Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Well a man won the Canadian lottery and was able to collect $4.4 million. Then he went directly to jail without passing go. (CBC)

NFL and Seattle Seahawks WR (and charter member of the All-Name Team) T.J. Houshmadzadeh is pissed at EA Sports. He’s boycotting Madden 10 because they only gave him a 91 overall rating. (Kotaku)

Jay Mariotti is what highly educated people would call an asshole. He decided to use the Erin Andrews incident as a reason to run-down the blogosphere. Ironic since he’s a blogger for Fanhouse. Anyway, I’ll leave this in the hands of the much more eloquent Andrew Bucholtz. (Sporting Madness)

Or you could read this line-by-line breakdown of Mariotti’s stupidity by the one and only Weed Against Speed. (Sportress of Blogitude)

After the jump, the Jim Leyland topless video, proper home theatres, and the LeBron dunk tape.

First it was Erin Andrews. Now, Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland. When will the exploitation of sports stars end? Wait, Jim did that voluntarily? What the bloody hell? (YouTube) Watch out. The sound is a bit loud and shrill.

If you’re applying to university or college and you don’t know what to choose, there’s one man to call. ESPN’s Sports Guy, Bill Simmons. (IvyGate)

Marrying a porn star has some (very obvious) perks. What you didn’t know is that you could get fired because of her job. (AP/Yahoo)

Only (and I mean ONLY) in America would a kid hold up another kid at gunpoint. (NJ)

Wall Street tycoons aren’t the only ones that are capable of pulling off a good old-fashioned Ponzi scheme. A Grand-Am racing driver (the same series Patrick Dempsey drives in) looks to be at the centre of one too. (WFTV)

Speaking of racing, there was a scary incident at the F1 event in Hungary. Filipe Massa had a hard crash in qualifying after being hit by debris and will not race. (F1 Fanatic) I’ll discuss this more on Monday’s GP wrapup.

The Phoenix Coyotes got one letter of intent for their auction. I don’t think hockey in the desert has gone well. (Yahoo/Reuters)

Today’s gallery is a look at some of the coolest home theatres. Some look like theatres. Others are done up like movie sets. All are cool. (The Chive)

I forgot to put this in the last linkdump. We’re now making episodes of The Lowdown radio show available for download. There are two different formats: 10MB MP3 and 26MB MP3

Someday we’re going to see this video on Jeopardy. I’ll take Anti-Climactic for $200, Alex.

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