Wednesday Link-Off: Happy Canada Day

shania-twain-maxim-2Our regular schedule just happens to bring us to Canada Day. In honour of it, here’s Canadian hero Shania Twain.

Keeping with the theme, an appropriately timed piece on the Canadian identity. (Globe & Mail)

Wine is one of those things that Canada does exceptionally well. Now scientists have developed an electronic nose that can figure out where a glass of wine is made. (Daily Telegraph)

In the run up to the release of its latest iteration, IGN looks at the history of the Final Fantasy franchise. (IGN)

After the jump, Andy Roddick shouldn’t tweet that, Super Dave jumps from the C.N. Tower, and more great Canadians.

File this under too much information: Andy Roddick tweets something that should never be tweeted or admitted to. (The Rookies)

Two would-be Florida burglars prove that you don’t have to be members of Mensa to rob a house. They do prove that there are some really dumb people in Florida. (WESH)

In last week’s NHL draft, quite a few of the newest pros already had family ties to the NHL. (From The Rink)

Speaking of hockey, a German hockey player was banned for two years for refusing a drug test. Apparently being otherwise engaged with the horizontal tango is not a valid excuse. (CBS Sports)

Canada has lax copyright laws (or so the suits would have you believe) as does Sweden. The world’s most famous Swedes (and copyright violators), the guys behind The Pirate Bay, are launching a streaming video website that will violate copyright laws. (BBC)

Canada also catches a lot of flak for the seal hunt. So why is no one going after this killer whale for trying to eat a seal? (Daily Telegraph)

Everyone has been hit hard by the recession but the sex trade in Nevada is among the hardest hit. (Guardian)

Sad news for iPhone owners: Apple has banned the “Hottest Girls” app. But I think we have that covered here. (Mac World)

Contrary to popular opinion, guys have dream weddings too. Red Sox owner John Henry had his at Fenway Park complete with A-list celebrities and a better than average wedding band. (Boston Globe)


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