World Hockey Championship Roundup: Close Calls Of The Third Period Kind

Both Group A and Group B wrapped up with some good looking games. Mind you, I’m not sure what can be said when you compare the potential quality of a game between Canada and Slovakia to Hungary and Belarus. Continue reading

World Hockey Championship Roundup: Scandinavian Upset

Tomorrow, the games get serious. Today, however, we still have a series of preliminary round mismatches. Or at least that’s what we were supposed to think. Continue reading

World Hockey Championship Roundup: Do You Have A Mercy Rule?

The day after tomorrow will see the start of some more interesting games. When the most interesting game at the start of the day on paper is Switzerland vs. Germany, you know that the tournament could be so much better. Continue reading

World Hockey Chamionship Roundup: Blowouts Abound

In the second day of action, eight more teams got underway. Four of the powerhouse teams had relative tune-up games with the USA, Sweden, Finland, and Czech Republic trying to get off to strong starts. Continue reading

World Hockey Championship Roundup: Let’s Get It Started

Since we’re already doing so many hockey updates for the playoffs, we’re going to cover the 2009 IIHF World Hockey Championship in Switzerland. The round robin (or preliminary round as the IIHF calls it) opened today with four games with the powerhouse Canadians and Russians opening their tournaments. Continue reading