Sunday Link-Off: All About the Money

Now that I’ve had a chance to write-up the Sunday links, I’m not entirely certain that I didn’t burn all my good links on the entertainment links. All I really have left for today are politics links though everyone probably expects that for a set of the Sunday links.

Anyway, let’s actually get on with the links. Let’s kick things of with Victoria Justice.

A writer created a fake company to see if she could use various online services to make it look real. (Fusion)

While the rest of the EU is fighting over who has to take how many refugees, Turkey has spent $7.6 billion hosting over 2 million Syrian refugees. (New York Times)

Bernie Sanders might be instantly written off as a “tax-and-spend liberal” but his economic plan could save America trillions. (US Uncut)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Hurricane Speed

You won’t know it when you read it but I left this edition of the Wednesday links to the last minute. Part of the problem was picking out who to lead this post with. A lot of people were impressed with Victoria Justice at the VMAs and who am I to disappoint?

As we all know, Star Wars is coming to Blu-Ray this fall. Naturally, George Lucas is going to make some tweaks to improve the films. However, his idea of improvements are very different from rational human beings. (io9)

Hurricane Irene wasn’t really the east coast apocalypse that was predicted. Instead, people went out and had some fun. For example, Times Square was the private playground for some Canadians. (Puck Daddy)

We all think of George Carlin as an angry, profane stand-up comedian but he wasn’t always like that. Here’s a look at the evolution of his stand-up over the course of his career. (SplitSider)

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