The Humanoids: The Exits

Somehow, I doubt that I would get much sympathy for myself if I called it the “Holy crap! Was I busy this week” edition of The Humanoids. Anyway, sorry for the delay. Today’s edition of the column is all about famous, or possibly infamous, exits. That was the theme of the column. The title of the column is a better story. I was trying to think of a title that went with the theme and I remembered Boy Meets World. In the heyday of TGIF, that was the anchor show. It was a classic family comedy that appealed to everyone and ABC just hasn’t been able to recapture that lightning. Anyway, in one episode, Cory and Shawn are working as roadies and claim they have a band when talking to some girls. Scrambling for a band name, they look around nervously until they see an exit sign. They were naturally drafted in to play a dance. The guys said afterwards that people were chanting for them. Actually, they were looking for a way out. I love that show.

The next episode of the radio show is still being scrambled together. It’s getting cut from over an hour to the usual 28 minute run time. Sometimes, I would rather that [former radio broadcaster of ours] just let us run the Extra as our usual show but they’ve got some show that they download every week ahead of us. Anybody want a whole hour of The Lowdown? Would you mind if we do it for the 50th Episode Spectacular? Anyway, the next show involves H1N1 vaccination talk, the potential UWO police brutality lawsuit, Alex Trebek coming from YouTube, and our NHL quarter-season review. Continue reading