PSX is the Perfect Example of a Games Industry Showcase

playstation-experience-2014It was around this time two years ago that I suggested that the games industry needed a second showcase event apart from E3 every June. Following another edition of The Game Awards that was more interested in the new trailers and game reveals than it was in celebrating the best in gaming during the unspecified nomination period. I was planning on leaving this alone because I don’t see The Game Awards ever being an awards show but rather being a product of hype.

Last month, I changed my mind. While it wasn’t the first time they did this, I realized that Sony might have inadvertently stumbled upon exactly what I was looking for with their second PlayStation Experience convention and industry show.

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The Game Awards Trailer Roundup

The Game Awards were last week. As expected, with the exception of a pretty significant #FucKonami moment, the majority of the interest in the TGAs were focused on new trailers and game premieres that make The Game Awards the show that we know and don’t really love. It’s basically a light, condensed version of E3.

Anyway, there were 11 new trailers shown during last night’s three-hour The Game Awards show and apparently only Best Shooter wasn’t mentioned during the show, Games for Change’s winner was the only mention of that category and most of The Witcher 3’s awards were mentioned when it picked up Game of the Year. So that’s probably an improvement. And there four new game reveals that we have for you as well. Telltale Games and Xbox had five trailers between them on the night so if you’re a fan of them, there’s lots for you here.

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The Game Awards 2015 Nominations And Predictions

the-game-awards-2015-headerSure, The Game Awards aren’t nearly as terrible as the old VGAs / VGX that used to be on Spike TV and now that it’s solely streamed, it’s easier to ignore. However, Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards is still the only real North American live year-end video game awards show on the block.

So as I am wont to do and since we don’t do a big year-end awards list of our own, I think it’s only right to evaluate the decisions of the big names in garme jurnalizm think are 2015’s best games with our regular look at the nominees for The Game Awards and predictions of who will win.

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Game Trailers Roundup: December 9, 2014

Apparently Friday’s The Game Awards was actually not terrible. After how many years of laughable VGAs and last year’s VGX (which was only redeemable by Joel McHale undermining the whole thing), it took Keighley putting his own money on the line to get something closer to a proper awards show.

Of course, this can’t be a Keighley produced award show with a whole pile of trailers and gameplay exclusive videos. While I might run the gameplay exclusives later, I do have a whole pile of trailers today. By my count, there are 13 trailers for just released, announced or upcoming games for you to watch. Chances are you will find something to watch in here.

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