Sunday Link-Off: Make Us Whole

hannah-ferguson-galore14-01How important is the NFL to the cultural fabric of America? Something like thirteen channels were covering Roger Goodell’s press conference which went on at the same time as President Obama. The guy is leading the country isn’t as important as the guy leading the country’s leading sports league. Maybe that’s an illustration of the start of their problems…

Anyway, it’s Sunday morning which means that we’re doing the links. Let’s start with Hannah Ferguson in cheerleading garb which is ever so appropriate.

There was some concern that Quebec separatists would be bolstered by the strength of the Yes campaign in Scotland. However, the strength of the separation movement in Quebec might be the weakest that it’s been in 40 years. (The Globe and Mail)

With the Scottish Referendum done, the work isn’t finished for those in the British Parliament supporting the no side. They still have to come through on their promises. Failing to do so could start another independence campaign some years down the road. (MacLean’s)

“The days when old men get to decide what a woman does with her body are long gone.” Oh, Justin Trudeau… When will you stop trying to court me? I’m already in your corner. (CBC News)

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Wednesday Link-Off: More than PR

camille-rowe-next14-01There’s no getting around the way the Ray Rice story blew up. While we all agreed the suspension was far too light, past precedent notwithstanding. However, we didn’t suspect that the NFL had never really bothered with its due diligence in the matter. Now they’re scrambling, not to make it right, but to save themselves from a complete PR meltdown. What a sad state of affairs when PR trumps doing what’s right.

So let’s get this post underway. Here’s Camille Rowe.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford has scored a key endorsement in his re-election campaign: Mike Tyson. (Yahoo!)

If you’re a Politico reader, their executive editor just left over strategic differences with the site’s founders. (New York Times)

Several months after the incident occurred, the full video of Ray Rice beating his wife made its way to TMZ. Suffice to say that his two-game suspension became a massive PR nightmare for both Rice’s now-former team and the NFL. But that’s all this was about. It’s all about PR. (Sports of Earth)

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