Wednesday Link-Off: More than PR

camille-rowe-next14-01There’s no getting around the way the Ray Rice story blew up. While we all agreed the suspension was far too light, past precedent notwithstanding. However, we didn’t suspect that the NFL had never really bothered with its due diligence in the matter. Now they’re scrambling, not to make it right, but to save themselves from a complete PR meltdown. What a sad state of affairs when PR trumps doing what’s right.

So let’s get this post underway. Here’s Camille Rowe.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford has scored a key endorsement in his re-election campaign: Mike Tyson. (Yahoo!)

If you’re a Politico reader, their executive editor just left over strategic differences with the site’s founders. (New York Times)

Several months after the incident occurred, the full video of Ray Rice beating his wife made its way to TMZ. Suffice to say that his two-game suspension became a massive PR nightmare for both Rice’s now-former team and the NFL. But that’s all this was about. It’s all about PR. (Sports of Earth)

Peter King: NFL PR Man. Wait. He’s a well-respected football reporter and columnist. Well, he basically covered for the NFL back when they first investigated Ray Rice pummeling his wife. (Deadspin) And then blamed his “source.” (Deadspin)

Remember the Baltimore Ravens tweet that said that Ray Rice’s wife regretted her “role” in getting beaten? They quietly deleted it on Monday after he was cut and suspended. (TPM)

With racism in sports becoming a bigger and bigger story, is the Atlanta Braves’ new stadium a part of race and class warfare? (Yahoo Sports)

Jay Mariotti was named one of sports’ biggest sleazebags in GQ. He sent a complaint to GQ but not about being named a sleazebag. He wanted the allegations that he used a video he filmed of an ESPN exec trying to pick up women at a bar removed from the story because he says it didn’t happen. Then he sent word of the correction out to media watchdog site Romenesko. At least he didn’t try to get taken off the sleazebag list. (Romenesko)

Since we’re talking about scandals, I finally addressed GamerGate over on etg. (et geekera)

Ever wonder what the final moments of a casino’s life looks like? Here are the scenes from Revel, a casino in Atlantic City, just before it went out of business. (Gothamist)

Good news! Stephen Hawking thinks the Higgs boson could lead to the destruction of the universe! (

Keith Olbermann, as always, has the smart and necessary take on who else should take the fall for the laughable two-game suspension of Ray Rice and the investigation leading to it.

Meanwhile, over on Fox Sports, Katie Nolan talks about the feasibility of NFL boycotts and the role of women in sports media.


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