Wednesday Link-Off: Whatcha Gonna Do, Hulkster?

So I’m not that bright at times. I thought I had finished this post when I went to bed last night (my Fitbit hesitates to call it sleep) but it turns out that I didn’t. All the links were picked and intros written. I just missed all the preamble stuff so I scrambled this together just now.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday and it’s link time. I don’t have anyone to lead off the post with but watch for a ninja edit tonight.

Another set of links, another story about Hulk Hogan. It seems as though his racist comments may not be an isolated incident on his sex tapes. He used the n-word in talking about his daughter’s music producer before turning his salty language on her (Radar Online)

And the Hulkster raised his racist comments with homophobic ones. (Radar Online)

The Hulkster doesn’t have the mortgage on scandal. The Daily Beast dug up a quote from Trump’s first wife in a 1993 book about The Donald that certainly got Trump’s lawyers up in arms. (The Daily Beast)

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