Wednesday Link-Off: Follow the Money

adrianne-palicki-shield15-02There are a lot of stories that tie back to American politics in today’s linkdump. From John Boehner resigning as the GOP launch a battle to kill Planned Parenthood to the constitutionality of any cuts to Planned Parenthood, the politics of America are heating up. To think that we’re having the election here in Canada in three weeks but it’s the Yanks who have the interesting stories.

Anyway, I suppose we should get on with the links. Since we’re talking about US politics, how about we start with Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division agent Adrianne Palicki.

Stephen Harper’s campaign focus is his economic record. Is there really anything there for him to stand on? (MacLean’s)

John Boehner is resigning from the House of Representatives and as Speaker of the House. You may not agree with his politics but he was one of the increasingly fewer progressive Republicans and the only man who could keep Congressional Tea Partiers in line enough to keep the government functioning. (Mother Jones)

Good news, Matt Damon! Mars shows signs of having flowing water. This should quite quickly re-prove the relevance of NASA. (New York Times)

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