Wednesday Link-Off: Long Gone

For no real reason, here’s Paraguayan javelin thrower (SI Swimsuit model) Leryn Franco. In case you cared, this photo shoot was in Banff.

It’s been 10 years since the Vancouver Grizzles left Canada to go to Memphis… And still be called the Grizzlies. Anyway, here’s what some of your favourite Van Griz players have been upto in the meantime. (Vancouver Sun)

How big is the Mike Fisher trade? Even the Wall Street Journal looked at it and the Ottawa fans likening Carrie Underwood to Yoko Ono. (Wall Street Journal)

Top rated NBA prospect and Ohio State Buckeye Jared Sullinger became a viral hit when his off-key rendition of Party in the USA hit YouTube. Well, fans at Purdue heard it too and thought they should serenade him. (The Dagger)

After the jump, the making of a minute of Dead Space 2, how Google is revolutionizing the web browser again and the new Charles Barkley song. Continue reading